Adam Rose on His Adolescent Homelessness, Real Adam Rose Character, Indies, WWE, More

Adam Rose on His Adolescent Homelessness, Real Adam Rose Character, Indies, WWE, More

Hi there, Jake here! Bringing you a podcast recap of Colt Cabana having a conversation with Adam Rose. Full interview can be found here. Adam is going by the name Aldo Rose on the independants and still is wrestling after his release from WWE. Colt mentions that he was doing commentary tryouts for NXT when Rose was starting the ‘Exotic Express’ gimmick. Colt also mentions the budding company NWL KC which is signing wrestlers to contracts and has a big money backer.

Art of Wrestling Episode 322 with Adam Rose

Conversation starts on the unpredictability of the indies and how matches can be “the good, the bad and the ugly”. Both Colt and Rose agree that on the indies it is hard to tell long term stories where you end up questioning yourself about what you’re doing.

Rose says that he works his matches to win over all the demographics. On his entrance he gets the kids and moms, and later he gets stiffer in the ring and wins over the 18-35 demographic.

Adam brings up that his character was supposed to have a “Godfather-ish feel to it” where he would get right off the Exotic Express and look like he is in the middle of a party, win a match and go right back to the bus. There was supposed to be hot girls and it was supposed to show smoke coming out of the bus to mimic marijuana. Rose said that when he was brought up he became ‘Sesame Street’. Rose says he went up to HHH and asked “How the fuck did we become Sesame Street?” and Hunter replied “sometimes you’re the interpretation of you’re character.” Rose said he thinks Rose’s demographic was a four year old and not the intended 18-35.

When Adam walked out on Raw, he saw that the lights were on already. He said the NXT entrance was different and the song changed. Colt asked if the original song was changed because of legal reasons. Rose said no the guy who made the song wanted to give the song to WWE and WWE didn’t want it and changed the song.

They talk about how the character wasn’t understood in America because the campiness was confused as gay and the 18-35 demographic usually can’t get behind that type of character.

Justin Gabriel was the first South African to make a splash in America and Adam Rose used him as inspiration to get into America and the wrestling scene. Rose starts talking about life in South Africa and how not too many Americans know about it. Most people picture Africa as many black people. Then the discussion turns into how everyone loved Nelson Mandela.

Rose discusses his childhood about how his dad was a minister. Rose’s brother and himself loved wrestling and got into the business. His brother did not like the physicality of it and dropped out. Rose got into the business by way of Justin Gabriel’s dad. Rose and Gabriel started the shows for a year or two and had a wrestling match almost every week.

Rose said he was a high school dropout because he was a horrible teenager. He was expelled from many schools and got in fights almost every Friday. Rose said that he lost almost all of his fights. He said one year he changed schools six times and wanted to be done by then. He became a runaway for two years after his parents moved again. Rose said at 15 years old, he started working at the bars and had a friend that owned a nightclub. He always made money by selling his clothes, he would steal other kids clothes and sell them. He realized that if he had a half loaf of bread and a packet of chips he could live for the day.

Rose would sleep in abandoned houses and figured out that it’s safer to sleep in the day than at night. He never was hungry enough to eat out of the trashcan. Rose saw a guy take a bite out of a burger and threw it away and Rose contemplated eating it. That’s when he decided to go back with his parents because he wasn’t “going to eat out of the trash.”

Rose said he started wrestling at 16 and got signed at 29. He wanted to think about retirement. He jumps back to when he was 26 and just started learning psychology. Rose was learning psychology through video games. “If we both have power bars and you do a move to me, that drains my power bar.” So, it took Rose 10 years to learn the art.

Rose says he was signed the same time as Mason Ryan and AJ Lee. It took him about a year before he could get to America. Rose says he couldn’t understand his opponent when they were wrestling and just started beating the crap out of his opponent. He wasn’t signed for three more months. He said he left his life and all of his money, then after the try-out, he figured he had to rebuild his life. He did ended up getting signed.

“There are only so many drills you have to run before you get insane.” Rose says that for 5 years he was doing drills and his body was taking wear and tear. “The only thing that kept me going is that I have to make a living.” Rose says he has moments where he reality checks himself about where he is in life and how special it is.

Conversation turns to the E:60 show. “I was told that I had 2-3 year run, tops.” He always thought he could make it work. Adam found out that he wasn’t supposed to be a key character for the E:60 but because of his kids developmental disorder, ESPN decided to have Rose as a central character. Rose said he had a staph infection at the time and didn’t notice it. Then Rose gets into detail about all the complications and hurdles it took to keep his kid alive. He jokes that he was still going to train because he thought he would lose his job. Dr. Tom Prichard told him to piss off and go be with his family. Rose mentions that the insurance and bills are “insane.”

Colt questions how hard Rose has to work to keep his income up to provide. They both talk about how if you have a family you are never around. Tyler Rex quit because he missed his kids first steps. Rose says he has a side business that he will focus on outside of wrestling. Everything comes down to trade-offs. WWE takes time away from your life but gives you the money to support. Now he gets more time but it’s harder to keep the income up. Adam brings up the social media aspect of his court hearing. He said “where were they when the family was there and the judge threw the case out.” Rose says he still gets tweets about it and he sometimes doesn’t pay attention to social media.

“For me everything is about provision and security.” Rose is really hoping that his limousine service pays off. They both agree that they keep up on opening different avenue’s to provide lines of income. Adam says that he is able to still be called Adam Rose.

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