Batista Returning to WWE?, What Does He Want?

Posted by Eric Arrington March 28, 2013 11 Comments 3004 views

Batista being in attendance for the recent NXT TV tapings and shooting an interview for WWE’s upcoming Triple H DVD led to speculation among fans that he may be returning to WWE.

We can confirm that Batista has had talks with Triple H about returning. It’s said Batista wants a similar “big money” deal similar to Brock Lesnar, where he would work a few dates per year and for big feuds only.

No word yet on how serious the talks are but it’s believed Batista will have to settle for less than he wants if WWE is going to make him an offer.

  • Scott Steiner

    batista and brock are loooooooooonngg overdue for a feud

  • cfc912

    Lesnar is actually a good wrestler/fighter and an athlete. Batista was decent, he’s not on the same level as Lesnar.

    • decent? Batista is an awful wrestler and MMA fighter

    • Actually I think Batiats is orobabky better because if Lensner was the big star you think he is why did he not do better ion UFC? I actually heard he went back to WWE because he coould not handle the UFC real fighting. Yea I know Lesner’s background but because he is suppose to be a good wrestler “real wrestling” does not mean he can do real MMA. I have never been a Brock supporter but I think Batista should be smart and stay in hollywood! He will make more money there I am sure but whatever he does is all his choice. I would just tell Batista you have worked this hard getting your name in the movie circles to now go back to WWE? Why? Look what happen to the Rock, now he is hurt for real and who knows for how long…Stay in the movies Dave it is the better move!

  • Kary Arora

    my gut feeling is that in cena vs rock match..ziggler is gonna cash in his briefcase and will win the title.he will team up with langston,AJ and Cena to beat the Rock eventually ditching cena in the end..! also vince mcmahon will do montreal screwjob encore on the undertaker.hence,ending his carreer with the WWE…

    • I do think that Taker needs to walk away BEFORE Vince or Hunter do a “screw job” to him. I mean the streak will be one of the biggest parts of his legacy and I hope he is smart enough to get out before someone tries to mess that up for him!

      • The streak is scripted like every other part of the programming. Therefore, he could go against the entire Shield at WrestleMania and still walk out victorious. Now, HHH has tremendous respect for the Undertaker because he is the longest tenured wrestler there, narrowly beating HBK. I’m sure HHH isn’t going to screw ‘Taker.

  • kurt

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  • GrahamNicol

    he wants big money to get back what he lost in business deals and crap fil rolls, stay away batista your old and boring news

    • Carlos Oliveira

      He’s working as an actor for a film atm in london or werabouts. I don’t think money is the issue.

  • badass

    Batista too? Damn, and I’ve already heard the Goldberg, Austin,Sting, Ultimate Warrior and now even Hogan in all the rumors for this year’s show. If this is all true, then WWE has NO excuse to flop this years event. This could be a masterpiece or a Part-timers Trainwreck. If the latter, I would say now it’s finally time to pull the plug LOL, you just can’t eff this up with all this “apparent” star power, but again careful…it’s WWE after all.