Big News on the WWNLive Family Heading to China

Big News on the WWNLive Family Heading to China

WWNLive announced the following:

The WWN crew is heading to China for a four event tour! We have the details and a general update on things in this WWNLive Alerts. Let’s get to it….

September 19th: Great Wall International Sports Media is bringing the WWN Family to China with shows that will feature the EVOLVE brand and stars. This will be a four event tour in the Hebei Province and Sichuan Province from November 10th to November 16th. This is the first time these wrestlers and the cutting edge EVOLVE style goes to China!

“We have been working on this for about three years so it did not just happen overnight,” WWN President Sal Hamaoui said. “We are very excited for this opportunity to showcase the WWN and EVOLVE wrestlers in China. We are going to bring excitement and action that isn’t like anything ever seen on that continent.”

We will have more info on this tour in upcoming WWNLive Alerts.

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