Big Update on The Shield Breaking Up

Posted by Eric Arrington December 10, 2013 2 Comments 1935 views

As seen on this week’s Slammy edition of WWE RAW, the wheels continue to be placed in motion regarding The Shield breaking up. At first, WWE officials felt like it was too early to break up the group but apparently this has changed.

Word at RAW was that Triple H is ready to move forward with the split but by no means is their break-up “set in stone” for the TLC pay-per-view where they will face CM Punk in a handicap match.

The biggest point to note here is the uncertainly with creative from week to week.

  • Matthew

    “the shield” are advertised for the Australian tour, surely they can’t break up before then?

  • It would be a shame to see The Shield break-up without having a program with the Wyatt Family … The Shield break-up during that program could put some spotlight on all 6 men involved,