Bill Goldberg on How Violent Brock Lesnar Match Will Be, Family Reaction to His WWE Return, More

Bill Goldberg on How Violent Brock Lesnar Match Will Be, Family Reaction to His WWE Return, More

Hi there, Jake here! Everyone has their own opinion on the Brock Lesnar vs. Bill Goldberg match happening at Survivor Series. That means that many podcasts are trying to get some insight on the men in the match. Goldberg gave an interview to Jim Ross recently (which can be found here). Here are some highlights:

The Ross Report w/ Goldberg

Jim starts the show plugging himself and Pete Gas’ book on his life in wrestling. The Kat is also on this episode, along with Ross’ take on current events.

Goldberg’s portion of the show is on at the 12 minute mark.

Ross asks Goldberg how training is going and Goldberg said “it’s an uphill battle.” Ross says that he was first made aware of Goldberg in 1984 while Goldberg was training for football. That bleeds into the thought that Goldberg has been training for “something” his whole life.

Goldberg said that his dad told him “go out work 100% no matter who you are, where you are or what age you are.” Goldberg says he wants to “bite off a little more than I can chew with the baddest dude in the company.” Goldberg says looking at the risk and reward portion of wrestling compared to MMA, many MMA guys would love to have a great career in WWE.

Goldberg’s Muay Thai training is highlighted. Goldberg said he started training in martial arts as a young adult and the martial arts philosophy is intriguing to Goldberg. Goldberg likes Muay Thai because it is one of the most violent forms of martial arts.

The discussion turns to Goldberg’s family’s reaction to his return and how pure it was. Goldberg says “I’m Brocks Huckleberry, he needs people to beat up. Well Brock is my Huckleberry too, because I wanted an opportunity to do what I just did for my wife and son.” Goldberg says Brock is getting the chance to even the score.

Goldberg says being boo’d doesn’t bother him, he just wants everyone to have fun. “It’s other peoples interpretation upon your act at that moment, if I get boo’d I’ll just take it out on Brock.. That’s what we wanted to do to each other last time we met.. the gloves are off.” Goldberg said as far as violence is concerned “it will far exceed expectations.”

Goldberg says he has regrets every five seconds because “how gigantic and menancing Brock is.. I think to myself ‘what the hell have I gotten myself into?'” Goldberg says he has to take chances and he is taking one on his legacy.

Goldberg said he has to head to the weightroom and Jim wraps up the interview. Goldberg said “If I have to spend a couple days in the hospital, then it is all worth it.”

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