Chyna Returning to WWE?, Huge 2014 WWE Hall of Fame News, More

Posted by Eric Arrington July 27, 2013 2 Comments 5789 views

– sent word that they just released a new CM “PU/NK” t-shirt and a new “Don’t Tread” t-shirt for Antonio Cesaro. You can view all of their shirts at this link.

– There is still no deal between The Ultimate Warrior and WWE but it’s said Warrior is more open to having a deal with them than he has been in the past. There continues to be talk about Warrior getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame during WrestleMania XXX weekend.

– On a related note, it looks like DX as a group will be the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame headliners. They were going to go in this year until WWE worked out a deal with Bruno Sammartino.

The big news coming out of a possible DX induction is the return of Chyna to WWE TV. Word going around WWE is that she will be invited. Sources close to Chyna are also aware of a possible induction and there may have been some early communication between the two sides already.

Source: PWInsider

  • Mortisha

    Chyna was the ONLY reason I Watch wwf/wwe at the time, and event do Chyna life has become a mess I still have hopes that one day she will re-claim what she once had. she is beautiful is she gets herself in place, however we only seem to point out what Chyna done but we seem to forget what they did to Chyna especially Triple H.

  • Savannah

    Let’s be real, Chyna was push out of the company, Let’s not forget what Triple H, & Stephanie Did to her behind her back. Then they push her to do Playboy and introduce her to the life of Porn, I mean what did Vince expect would happen? They drove her in that direction and now they are all looking the other way “KINDA SAD” just horrible what they did to her. But yea let’s forget that ever happen and let’s point out the wrongs that’s happen in her life. But after you are done pointing out the wrongs in her life let’s not forget also what she did for the company especially for women. I mean come on she deserves to be in the hall of fame more than any other women that’s ever been in that company. Vince only cares about MONEY MONEY MONEY, and event triple H has said it “CHYNA IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS” all they see her as is MONEY and want to drive her to become crazy and WWE will never see her for the human she is even do she done wrong, we are no one to judge her.

    PS> Forgive my english I hope you understand. This is not my first language.