CZW New Heights 2018 Results – 07/28/18

CZW New Heights 2018 Results – 07/28/18

CZW 07/28/18 New Heights 2018 Results
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–> Francis Kaspin came out for the Pre-show match, but was interrupted by F.E.A.R. Gacy told Kaspin he had no problem with him and to leave. Kaspin left. Gacy said he wasn’t letting anything happen tonight until he got Gangone. Blackwater & Reynolds were sent to the back.

-Joey Gacy b Anthony Gangone
–> Post match, Kit Osbourne mocked Gacy. Kit told him everything came full circle. He said that he is disappointed in the people and that they don’t respect Gacy. Kit told Gacy that she will always respect you and that she will always be there for him.

–> After some back-and-forth with YDNB, The Shook Crew, & DJ Hyde/Kirk/Kasey we get an impromptu 3-Way.

-Young, Dumb, & Broke (Jordan Oliver, Ellis Taylor, & Charlie Tiger) with Griffin McCoy & Valentina Vazquez b The Shook Crew (Max Caster, Jack Baby, & Bobby Orlando) with Bobby Jr. and Kasey Catal, DJ Hyde, & Brandon Kirk when Oliver p Orlando

-Anthony Greene b Francis Kaspin
–> Afterwards Greene challenged Joey Ryan for 8/11. It will be the King of Dong Style v. King Dong Bundy

– Trey Miguel was unable to compete, so the Rascalz v. Arez & Igauna was changed to a CZW World Tag Team Tile Match.

-CZW World Tag Team Championship: The Rep with Maven Bentley b Arez & Mr. Iguana
–> Afterwards Anthony Cortez Haynes let Maven & The Rep know that they’d received a call from Blk Jeez backstage that they will be at Business As Usual no matter what Maven says or does to take them out and the CZW World Tag Team Championship.

-#1 Contender’s Match for CZW World Championship: David Starr p Jimmy Lloyd
–> Afterwards, DJ Hyde came out with Kasey Catal & Brandon Kirk. He said that this was the first time a BOTB winner and TOD winner fought. Hyde told the story of Jimmy Lloyd’s rise from young kid putting up TOD with DJ by themselves to winner of TOD. DJ told Jimmy he was like a son to him. They hugged. DJ then turned around and told him he was disappointed in him and that actions speak louder than words. Kirk and Casey jumped Jimmy from behind. Kit Osbourne joined in. Conor Claxton & Mitch Vallen appeared to make the save, but Conor nailed Mitch with a jug bat. The group beat down Mitch & Jimmy Lloyd. DJ revealed that they are The Office.

Due to transportation issues, the Wired Open Challenge Match was changed to a 4-way.

-CZW Wired Championship: Zachary Wentz b Ace Austin, KC Navarro, & Myron Reed to retain. This was a crazy 4-way.

–> MJF was carried out on a wooden throne. He was joined by CPA & Smart Mark Sterling. MJF was scheduled to defend the CZW World Championship but due to a LCL is unable to compete. Mance Warner came out. MJF would have CPA & Sterling defend the title in his place in a two-on-one handicapped match.

-CZW World Championship: CPA & Smart Mark Sterling with MJF b Mance Waner thanks to a distraction by Conor Claxton

-John Silver b Matt Riddle with Alex Reynolds — this match was fantastic.
–> Post match, Reynolds dressed Riddle down for losing and was beaten up. Both Silver & Riddle shook hands.

-Dan O’Hare b Matt Tremont in a Deathmatch in Tremont’s Last Match in CZW.
–> Tremont leaving speech featuring Drew Blood, Jeff Cannonball, Danny Havoc, & Devon Moore. This was all out of character and heavily featured the newly heel DJ Hyde and was for the live crowd only.

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