Daniel Bryan Questions WWE Creative Logic Backstage

Posted by Eric Arrington May 12, 2014 3 Comments 9775 views

It’s no secret that Daniel Bryan doesn’t speak out backstage and doesn’t carry an ego. It’s been noted here on DWN how most top stars will question WWE creative decisions but Bryan won’t.

Word from backstage is that even Bryan questioned the logic from last week’s RAW where creative had him “running scared” from Kane.

Elsewhere in the company, like online with fans, the booking was greeted with an overwhelming degree of pessimism. One observer commented, “if this is Triple H’s way of slowly killing Bryan’s momentum, it’s working.”

  • Rade ravello

    Wwe writing is horrible and nothing will change until a new promotion opens up and breathes fire down thr ass.its the Jericho storyline again when he was walking Stephanie dog

    • james

      @Rade ravello: Booking could have easily been sorted by next week having Daniel Bryan in the ring with the following promo. “KANE, You Bastard, my wife is safe and well away from you, unlike Brie, YOU DONT SCARE ME!!! So come on big man, try and frighten me, try to scare me, I’m the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION and you are just a freak. I’M standing here in the ring while you hide scared in the shadows, SO COME ON!!!!!!

  • Iam

    The current product sucks! The writing team is being paid for crap scripts. A hell whole lot could be done with what they have on the roster but it is just the same old crap scripts. l’d disband the Wyatts, turn Cena heel, bring back the cruiserweight division, put the divas on a different wrestling segment because they are concerned with looks not wrestling and more. What was with the bring back of Evolution? Its a sad set of moral with fans…turn it up a notch with things that grip not push us away!