Daniel Bryan to Get Some Help In His Feud with Orton & HHH?

Posted by Eric Arrington August 28, 2013 6 Comments 993 views

There is talk of pairing CM Punk with Daniel Bryan to feud with Triple H and Randy Orton. Under this scenario, Punk would do a worked shoot promo with Bryan about where they came from and how Punk had to threaten to quit before getting a push.

He would focus on Triple H “holding guys down” and how they aren’t the model WWE guys and now they’re treating Bryan how they treated him.

Word is that under this scenario, Paul Heyman would realign with Punk because the only thing they hate more than each other is the McMahons.

Another proposed plan is to align Bryan with Shawn Michaels, like we’ve written about before.

  • KingBack

    How could HBK help Bryan
    then he is getting a beatdown?

  • I just want Bryan to hold the title for a bit..they seem to be hinting at the fact that he never will.

    • He will. This is all part of a huge push for Daniel, like what Punk received. It’s done to create hype for him. Triple H knows the fans want Bryan as champion, and the exhaustive number of matches with Bryan main event-ing weekly episodes of Raw/SD, seems to conclude that Bryan will indeed become champion again soon. Whether it be at Night of Champions or Survivor Series, that’s up to the writers.

  • Dave Humphrey

    But the problem is Bryan had run with the world Heavy Title i thought that title would be alot bigger then wwe title?

  • Dave Humphrey

    Also if it wasnt cena to be injured i’d have gone for cena to turn heal like Austin where Vince comes down and helps Cena but think the injured arm put a stop to it.

  • HBK would fit just as nicely here as CM Punk. Either one would be good. Just lay off on the Paul Heyman reunion, whatever the choice is. Punk is better without that jerk.