Details on Two WWE Heel Turns In the Works

Posted by Eric Arrington April 24, 2014 3 Comments 24300 views

WWE officials continue to have discussions about turning Sheamus heel. The plan was for him to turn heel earlier this year, shortly after his return, and face Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania XXX but several plans were changed around when CM Punk walked out.

On a related note, it’s said that Vince McMahon ultimately wants Cody Rhodes as a heel, which is the reason for the dissension with brother Goldust.

  • viperdk28

    A heel Cody? Hasn’t that already been tried and failed? How about turning Goldust heel instead?

    • sean

      this is what i don’t understand about dumb fans with opinions. how the hell was it a failed heel turn? just cause they turned him face? cause as far as I remember he did some of the best work as Undashing Cody, and most critiques agree (if you search through articles about him in 2011)

  • Brody

    Cody = New Evolution member when Batista goes on movie tour.