FWE XIX: John Morrison vs. AJ Styles iPPV Results – Brooklyn, NY 3/11/2015

FWE XIX: John Morrison vs. AJ Styles iPPV Results – Brooklyn, NY 3/11/2015

Bandido Jr. vs. Johnny Gargano

Some nice back and forth wrestling early. Gargano was sent to the floor and Bandido hit a twisting dive over the top to the floor. When they returned to the ring, Gargano controlled the action and used a number of unique submissions. Gargano was greatly cheered even though he was the heel. He tried to turn the crowd by teasing a big move but then locking on a chinlock but the crowd chanted that was awesome anyway. Gargano kept working over Bandido.

Bandido finally made a comeback with a series of clotheslines. He was backdropped over the top but landed on his feet on the apron and nailed a missile dropkick for a two count. Bandido nailed several chops and nailed a cutter off the ropes for a two count. They went back and forth. Gargano nailed an awesome tope suicida to the outside.

Bandido worked over Gargano but was shot into the turnbuckles face-first Gargano nailed a sit-down Michinoku Driver and scored the pin.

Your winner, Johnny Gargano!

Good opener. Bandido is one of those unheralded guys who always puts in some fine work. Gargano was pitch perfect here.

Wes Draven & Mike Law & Jorge Santi vs. Ben Ortiz & Kai Kata & Van Shields

They went back and forth with a nice pace. Ortiz ended up going over the top to the floor when the ropes were pulled down. Law hit a quebrada to the floor. Draven hit a nice flip bump. Santi then hit a big dive over the ropes to the floor. Good stuff.

Back in the ring, Ortiz hit a big belly to belly suplex on Law for a two count. The heel team tagged in and out, working over Shields. Law was worked over but came back with a dropkick to Ortiz after he missed a sitdown splash. He tried to make the tag but was cut off by Shields and locked him in a side chinlock. He fought his way out and made the hot tag to Santi, who worked him over.

Ortiz tagged in and cleaned house but was nailed with a discus forearm and a double stomp. Draven and Shields went back with some unique, fun sequences. They built to a BIG Tower of Doom spot that made Ortiz look like a monster. Law nailed an Acid Drop but Kata came off the top and caught him with a frog splash for the pin.

Your winners Ben Ortiz & Sam Shields & Kaya Kata!

Fun six man tag.

Orange Cassidy vs. VSK

VSK turned heel here at the last show, attacking his partner EJ Risk after Risk legitimately retured. Risk is doing commentary on the iPPV, so we’ll see if there’s any additional angle. Cassidy doe a really funny deal that he’s messed up on something. They locked up and VSK backed him into the corner, where he slid down as if he was leaning on a wall. VSK picked him but he slid back down. They do some fun spots off of this and the crowd loved it.

VSK controlled Cassidy for the early portion of the bout. Cassidy came back with a big head scissors takedown. He went to the top and then dropped off with a headbutt. VSK came back and covered him for a two count. Cassidy moved out of the way of a charge and dropped down with a knee for a two count.

EJ Risk got on the ring apron and argued with VSK. Cassidy tossed something in VSK’s face and scored the pin.

Your winner, Orange Cassidy!

Robbie E. vs. Chuck Taylor

Taylor controlled things early. E took the mic and said this wasn’t elementary school (well, its) and said if it was, he’d beat Taylor like he beats all the kids. Taylor challenged him to a foot race around the room. E ran all the way around the room, thinking he was going to win but Taylor waited and slid in the ring, and was announced as the winner.

The shenanigans continued until Taylor scored the pin.

Your winner, Chuck Taylor!

The crowd really enjoyed all the zaniness here.

Tony Nese & Jigsaw vs. The Juicy Product

They had a feeling out process early. Dunn and Jigsaw had some nice back and forth wrestling until they tagged out to their partners. Starr whipped Nese into the corner but was caught with a hiptoss and an armbar. The Juicy Product caught Nese and took turns tagging in and out working over Nese. They worked over Nese. Jigsaw tried to help but only ended up distracting the referee when he tried to enter the ring, leaving Nese to be mauled by the Product.

Jigsaw finally made the top tag and cleaned house with chops and suplexes. They all battled on the outside. Nese nailed a superkick on Starr. Jigsaw dove off the barricade with a flip dive. Nese nailed an AA off the apron on Starr tossing him onto Dunn. Jigsaw came off the top with a double stomp on Dunn, who kicked up at the last minute.

They went into a nice series of near falls. Some really good stuff. They were some awesome near falls. Nese was tearing apart Starr when Dunn drilled him with a big knee and scored with a Canadian Destroyer for the pin.

Your winner, The Juicy Product!

A great back and forth tag match with a lot of big spots and fast, frenetic action. The crowd really loved this one.

Deana vs. Shelly Martinez

Martinez is the former Ariel in WWE’s ECW. She came out with a Mexican flag and very “Day of the Dead” inspired makeup. She showed a lot of charisma. They locked up and Martinez backed her into the corner but broke clean. Deana claimed she pulled hair. Martinez maintained control as Deana tried her best to escape.

They battled to the floor where Deana got the better of the exchange. Back in the ring, she nailed a clothesline. She played to the crowd well. Her manager on the outside choked Martinez as the referee was distracted. Deana nailed a suplex for a two count. Deana nailed her with a short arm clothesline for a two count and cinched in a questionable side chinlock.

Martinez fought her way out and whipped Deana inton the ropes but was nailed across the back. Deana nailed a stiff chop in the corner and whipped her into the corner. Martinez moved and she nailed her shoulder in the corner. Martinez nailed a flying bodypress for a two count. Martinez nailed a STO and scored the pin.

Your winner, Shelly Martinez!

Good match. They both worked hard and played to the crowd to get them into it. Martinez’ new look works for her.

Chris Hero vs. Tommy Dreamer

They shook hands at the bell. They had some nice counter wrestling. Dreamer backed Hero into the corner and broke clean. They shook hands. Dreamer took him down and cinched in a hammerlock. Hero countered and they faced off. Hero used a kip up, so Dreamer failed miserably when he tried his own. The crowd chanted “ECW” at him. The referee did one. The crowd chanted for Dreamer to do it again so Hero and the ref helped him up as he did it. The crowd loved that.

The fans went back and forth with dueling chants for Dreamer and Hero. You expected the referee? Dreamer was caught with a dropkick as he rebounded off the ropes. Hero nailed a back senton splash. Dreamer whipped him into the ropes. Hero flipped over and caught himself on the apron. He returned to the ring and drilled Dreamer. They battled back and forth.

The battled went to the floor. Hero got the better of the exchange. Dreamer returned to the ring but was nailed. Hero kept nailing him as Dreamer dared him to do it again and again. Hero locked on a cravate. He beat Dreamer down and went for a moonsault. Dreamer rolled out of the way. Hero made a comeback and drilled Dreamer with a roaring elbow.

Hero went to the floor and began tossing chairs into the ring. He drilled Dreamer with it Dreamer made a comeback and scored several two count. He went for the Spicoli Driver but Hero slipped out. Dreamer went for a backslide and scored a two count. Dreamer rammed Hero’s head into the corner, where a chair was wedged. Dreamer nailed the Driver for the pin.

Your winner, Tommy Dreamer!

Dreamer took the mic and said he wishes he was 20 years younger because Hero is what he loves about the professional wrestling business. He said that if it’s PWG, HOH or FWE on a Wednesday night and they packed this place. He said he could have another ten years if he could have matches like that every night. He told Hero it was an honor.

Hero took the mic and asked them if they like pro wrestling. He said, “Well, we f***ing love pro wrestling. That’s it.”

Dreamer led a “F***ing Yes Yes Yes” chant and then told the crowd to say that on Raw every time you dislike the show. The crowd kept chanting it. I should probably point out we are in a church.

FWE Tag Team champions The Young Bucks vs. The Colony

The Bucks were in control early. The Colony nailed a pair of dives to the outside. The Bucks regained control and worked over The Colony. Fire Ant tagged in and cleaned house and The Colony worked over The Bucks. Nick Jackson nailed a facebuster on Fire Ant and scored a moonsault to the outside.

The Bucks controlled Fire Ant and tagged in and out, working him over. Silver Ant finally tagged in to make the save and hit a big dive to the floor. They nailed a double dropkick on Nick Jackson. Matt drilled Fire Ant with a big forearm and nailed an awesome moonsault to the floor on Silver Ant. The Colony came back to his the old Powerplex finisher from Power and Glory.

Fire Ant nailed a double cutter on The Bucks. The Bucks came back with a lot of double team maneuvers on The Colony. The Bucks teased a Meltzer Driver but the Colony fought it off and Silver Ant locked Matt in a Boston Crab. Nick Jackson went for a superkick but was caught and locked in an ankle lock Matt went for one but was trapped in one as well. They rolled through and nailed a series of superkicks. The Bucks nailed the Meltzer Driver and scored the pin.

Your winners and still FWE Tag Team champions The Young Bucks!

All the usual stuff you’d expect from the Bucks. Very fun, competitive bout.

FWE Tri-Borough champion Paul London & Veda Scott vs. FWE Women’s champion Candice LaRae & Joey Ryan: All titles on the line.

Lots of fun stuff here. LaRae did all her spots on London including the reverse rana and the suplex. Ryan nailed the boobplex on Veda. Ryan used LaRae as a battering ram but London dropkicked him, so Ryan nailed an accidental Samoan Drop. The heroes got the pin, so Veda won the title and Paul retained his. Lots of tomfoolery and some decent wrestling.

FWE champion John Morrison vs. IWGP champion AJ Styles: Best of Three Falls

They locked up and went back and forth trying to get the advantage. They grappled but neither man was able to keep the other at bay. They went back and forth and finally faced off. Styles finally scored with a dropkick as he and Morrison went back and forth rebounding off the ropes. Morrison went to the floor. Styles followed but was nailed with a savate kick and slammed into the guard rail.

Morrison brought Styles back into the ring and nailed a springboard kick. He drilled Styles into the turnbuckles and drilled him with punches. Styles fired back but missed his leaping forearm in the corner. Styles went for his inverted DDT but was caught and nailed with a Northern Lights suplex. Morrison nailed a springboard legdrop and scored the pin.

The winner of the first fall, John Morrison!

As the second fall started, Morrison continued the beating. Out of nowhere, Styles caught him with the Calf Killer and scored a submission.

The winner of the second fall, AJ Styles!

As the third fall started, Styles drilled Morrison with some stiff kicks and worked him over. Morrison regained control and nailed a series of elbows to the face. He cinched in a side chinlock. Styles made a comeback and nailed a rough looking suplex into the ropes. Styles went to the top but was shoved off to the floor. Morrison vaulted over the top and drilled Styles.

Back in the ring, Styles worked over Morrison who came back with a Russian Legsweep and some nice offense for a two count. Morrison went for a suplex but Styles blocked it and nailed a hangman’s neckbreaker Morrison came back to nail a running knee off the ropes for a two count. Morrison went for a move off the ropes but was caught and nailed with a driver off the shoulders. Styles went to the top and nailed the springboard forearm.

Styles went for a Human Torture Rack and spun Morrison into a sitdown powerbomb for a two count. Styles locked in another leg submission. Morrison broke free and nailed a series of punches and forearms. Morrison wenr for a kick but was caught. He nailed Styles, who came back with the Pele Kick.

Both men were out, so the referee began counting. They returned to their feet and battled back and forth. They had a million and one near falls. Styles caught him out of nowhere with the Styles Clash and scored the pin!

Your winner and new FWE champion, AJ Styles!

Real good match to cap off the show.

A fun night of wrestling overall!

Source: PWInsider

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