Jack Swagger Talks WrestleMania 30 & Face Turn

Jack Swagger Talks WrestleMania 30 & Face Turn

Jack Swagger recently spoke with Nola.com. Here are some highlights from the interview:

WrestleMania 30 tag team match: “That match was truly something special. All four teams out there working very hard. When it was just us and the champion Usos, we stood in the center of the ring in front of — it felt like a million people — and we each made our war cry. Then we just charged into battle. I just got goosebumps reliving it. It was awesome.”

Feelings about Wrestlemania 30 as a whole: “It was definitely one of my favorite WrestleManias,I’ve been a part of six. It was a different type of atmosphere there, and it was a very special moment, at least for me. I know a couple of other superstars really enjoyed it as well, and not just Bourbon Street. Going back there, I’m very excited.”

His face turn: “It was one of those organic things that came about, and we started using it to close the promos. Now, it has a whole life of its own. It’s pretty cool. It shows the beauty of the WWE. The WWE Universe is going to like what they like, and they’re going to get behind it.”

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