Joey Janela Injures Knee

Joey Janela Injures Knee

Joey Janela may have seriously injured his knee at last night’s GCW event. He did a dive onto the outside onto Psicosis during their match at Live Fast Die Young.

The match was cut short, when Janela’s long-time manager Penelope Ford crotched Psicosis on the top turned buckle, and hit a twisting hurricanrana. Somehow, Janela superkicked Psicosis and scored a quick pinfall.

Janela got on the mic after the match and apologized to the crowd about the match and his injury. He said he knew this one was bad. He was obviously shaken up by the entire thing. He had a moment where he broke down saying how his career had such momentum and now this would derail it for a while.

See video and comments on the injury from Janela himself below:

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