Main Roster Problems for Fan Favorite Adam Rose Already?

Posted by Eric Arrington April 18, 2014 3 Comments 12115 views

As seen on WWE TV lately, NXT star Adam Rose is coming to the main roster soon. Rose almost instantly became a fan favorite after WWE did away with Leo Kruger and debuted the new character. However, word from this week’s RAW is that officials are already second guessing the main roster debut of Rose.

Apparently the hesitancy has to do with the “rock star party bus gimmick” being too similar to 3MB and in need of a “tall tale” to make it work. A source noted that this could be doomed from the get go.

  • DoubleA

    It’s a stupid gimmick to begin with so it’s destined to fail

  • Fan Favorite ? Get the fuck out of here … this guy has a sucker …. FUCK I´m too old for this company with fuckboy bucketheads, suckers, and hot women with a sock ? WHAT THE FUCK

  • Imperial

    I knew his gimmick wouldnt go over on the main roster. a small crowd is better suited for the gimmick than an arena . Adam Rose is gonna have to win fans over with his wrestling . So theres still hope for him, wwe shouldnt give up on him yet until hes had a few matches and main roster promos under his belt.