Michael Hayes Talks WWE – TNA Rumors, Recent Bret Hart Controversy, More

Michael Hayes Talks WWE – TNA Rumors, Recent Bret Hart Controversy, More

Hi there, Jake here! Welcome back for another Podcast Recap. This time we are joining Conrad Thompson and Ric Flair on The Ric Flair Podcast, which can be found here. Today, Ric and Michael discuss many topics, including the recent controversy surrounding Bret Hart and Hayes. This was recorded before Bret’s apology.

The Ric Flair Show: Episode 15- Michael Hayes

Before Michael Hayes comes on, Conrad and Ric talk about recent wrestling news. Ric mentions that Goldberg would be a nice edition to the roster. He has been out of the business for so long, that Goldberg’s body might not be ready for Brock Lesnar. They talk a bit about how the more you wrestle, the more your body is calloused to the ring. Since Goldberg has been out for over a decade, his body might not be ready for the match because “there is no way you can practice… no piece of cardiovascular equipment that can ready you for the ring.”

The conversation between the Hall of Famers started with discussing the most recent Hall of Fame. Conrad was in the crowd and both hosts mention how Hayes’ induction was one of the funnest inductions they have ever witnessed.

Hayes cuts that conversation short to start talking about Bret Hart. Hayes says he has always gotten along with Hart and his family. Hayes says that he agrees with some of what Bret said. “We weren’t in WWF long enough, no one draws money in 3 weeks.” Michael also agrees that many of the names Bret says deserve Hall of Fame, does deserve to be in.

Hayes is mad that Bret called his two deceased friends (Buddy and Terry) pill poppers and alcoholics. They start discussing why Hart is so bitter. Flair says he wouldn’t compare The Freebirds and Rick Rude to be in the same class. Flair says the Rick Rude was inebriated many times in the ring and wasn’t safe. “That’s the reason Hogan wouldn’t work with him, you wonder why Rude never wrestled for the World Title?”

Hayes says “Bret knows why Owen isn’t in the Hall of Fame.” They start going through the list that Bret says should be in the Hall. They agree that Demolition, Rick Rude and the Rougeaus should be in. Then they say that Bret must be lonely and his concussions could be affecting him.

Then Flair says the Cher is a “girlfriend” of Michael Hayes. Says that Hayes “straightened Cher’s teeth out”. They bond over both having slept with women who won Academy Awards.

Both men discuss all the grudges that Bret has. “I don’t know of a guy in the back that wouldn’t work with Seth Rollins.” Ric had no idea that Bret called Seth dangerous. Michael and Ric seem to pretty much agree that they like Bret but not most of his opinions.

The conversation turns to how many times Lesnar suplexes people in matches. They agree how great Luke Harper is and how he never complained about being fed to Brock Lesnar. Then conversation jumps to Charlotte and Sasha.

Hayes says that their rivalry is an “instant classic” and that Charlotte told Ric she will “do something in that match, that no one has ever done.”

Both men agree that Sasha is really good and she is starting to relax. Hayes and Flair discuss Becky Lynch and Hayes quickly shuffles out of the conversation says “she has a personal thing going on.” They both agree that she tells worse jokes than Pat Patterson and Michael puts over Pat’s book and says that it is awesome.

Flair starts talking about the second worst match he has ever had in his match. The first two were both with Ultimate Warrior. “It was like wrestling Jimmy Valiant, when the music stopped, the match is over.” Hayes says that he really stole a lot from Jimmy Valiant. “He didn’t need to be a great wrestler, he was a great entertainer.”

Conrad interjects and asks Hayes to shed some light on Summerslam’s match with Orton and Lesnar. “I don’t think it should have gone on last but the rematch was great.” Hayes says the rematch was NoDQ and Orton attacked Lesnar with a chair. He said that Lesnar was more relaxed because there were no cameras there.

Regarding buying TNA’s library. Hayes said “well if they sent out that survey, they will do the research, take the information and do something about it.” Michael says he has high level talks with HHH and Vince and no one has mentioned anything.

They then wrap the interview up with Hayes discussing his nephew playing football but Ric has been sick and coughs during the whole explanation on why Hayes’ nephew is a good football player.

After Hayes gets off the phone, Conrad would like Ric to share the story of when Bret Hart won his first world title after beating Ric Flair.

Flair said that he wrestled Warrior two nights before and lost his equilibrium. “He actually carried me through that title match because my equilibrium wouldn’t let me feed into what I needed to.” Flair said that inner ear thing kept him out of the ring for six months.

The show ends with a question to Ric about Flair pooping himself in 1984 against Ricky Steamboat. Flair said he sharted after a suplex. He said that they wrestled for 20 minutes after that and Steamboat kept wanting to end the match because it smelt really bad.

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