Mr. Anderson Talks TNA, Details on His New Wrestling School, Motto He Lives By, More

Mr. Anderson Talks TNA, Details on His New Wrestling School, Motto He Lives By, More

Mr. Anderson fka Kennedy, has decided to give back to the wrestling industry by creating new stars. He will be doing this at his wrestling school as a head trainer. He along with Shawn Daivari, Arik Cannon, Ariya Daivari and Molly Holly will teach students what it takes to become quality professional wrestlers. Mr. Anderson recently sat down with What Culture to give a few more details on his new venture. The full interview can be found here.

The first things Anderson learned in training

“The people that you step on, on your way to the top, are the same people you will bump into on your way back down.” Anderson says he tries to live by that motto and stay humble.

Anderson also credits Jim Cornette for a piece of advice that translated to training. “If you know somebody who this business would benefit greatly from having them, and you don’t do everything you can, you don’t go out of your way to get them looked at, or try to get them a job, you are admitting to yourself that you suck and you’re worried that someone else is going to take your spot.”

Not just looking for wrestlers

“I’m not going to tell that guy ‘no.’ Because in addition to being a wrestler, there are tons of other things that you can do in the business. You can be an announcer. You can be a commentator. He can be a valet or a referee for all we know.”

Anderson goes on to talk about beating people up and breaking them is kind of an old school mentality. He reiterates that it will be tough but it won’t be about who can get beat up the most.

Some wrestlers not getting a true education in the industry

“There was always one or two guys on the card that really stood out, and they were head and shoulders above everybody else. I would say to myself, ‘that’s not their fault. They didn’t know any better when they signed up for wrestling school. They didn’t know that their trainer didn’t really know what they were doing.’ So here is these people spending all this money to get into wrestling school, and they don’t really get an education”

Anderson says that he has the experience and know how. He also states that the head woman’s trainer Molly Holly has had the same experiences. Anderson says that outside of ring work there will also be promo classes and ventriloquist seminars. Ventriloquism because wrestlers need to talk to their opponents in the ring better. On-top of that they will have Stand-Up comedy seminars to work on improv because much of wrestling is improv.

Price of school and training

“We feel that $3,000 is a pretty reasonable price point for the amount of knowledge and care that you’ll receive individually. It’s one year of training, so 365 days. That’s minimum of 3 days a week, except for holidays, but we’ll probably make those sessions up. We’re going to open up weekends, and who knows, eventually we may be open every single day, but we feel that $3,000 is a reasonable price point right now we’re offering.”

He also states that WWE and TNA stars, as well as former Hall of Famer’s will come in from time to time.

Thoughts on TNA

Anderson wishes TNA the best and wants the lawsuit to workout best for everyone involved. He wants the company to continue to exist and start to grow.

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