Results: Impact Wrestling – 2/13/14

Results: Impact Wrestling – 2/13/14

TNA Impact opened with Magnus’s music. TNA World Hvt. champion Magnus, TNA president Dixie Carter, Ethan Carter III, and Rockstar Spud were in the ring. On commentary, Taz re-joined Mike Tenay to discuss matters.

In the ring, Dixie said she is not threatened by MVP. Because she has something that he will never have – the TNA World champion, Magnus, which drew boos. ECIII spoke up that Dixie also has an equally-stunning nephew who ended the career of Kurt Angle.

Magnus then took the mic and stepped to the front of the class to be greeted by “You Sold Out” chants. Magnus said this is the first-ever British World champion speaking. And, it is so good to be back in Manchester. Because he knows it’s one whole year before he has to be back here surrounded by dirty, lazy slobs.

Magnus said people like them make him ashamed to be British. He said he is definitely not from “The North.” At least he didn’t say “up North.” And, he is not a paper champion. Instead, he recognized opportunity. Magnus said this wonderful woman (Dixie Carter) is from the land of opportunity. “Boring” chant as Magnus re-told the story of Dixie signing him years ago.

On to more important business. Not #1 contender Samoa Joe, but “new investor” MVP. Magnus said he doesn’t know what jail cell MVP emerged from, but they need to establish the pecking order. Magnus said he is not for sale and he does not sell out. The crowd naturally responded with “You Sold Out” chants.

MVP’s music interrupted, bringing out the new investor flanked by #1 contender Samoa Joe. MVP and Joe posed on-stage, then MVP spoke that Magnus thinks he can’t be bought. So, that must mean he bought Dixie, so he hopes Magnus got a discount. After getting in his dig, MVP hyped Joe as the #1 contender to Magnus’s title. MVP made the title match official for Lockdown.

Suddenly, Gunner emerged on-stage. Gunner, holding the World Title shot briefcase, said he needs a moment. Gunner looked toward the ring to call out Magnus. He said it seems that Magnus is ready to work and he has a briefcase he’s really sick of carrying around. But, he will give him the benefit of the doubt – seven days to prepare. Gunner said he’s cashing in next week and the winner will face Samoa Joe at Lockdown.

Dixie Carter spoke up from the ring that Gunner might not have that briefcase next week. She said Gunner will face ECIII tonight. And, one little housekeeping note. That briefcase will be on the line. MVP said two can play that game. He understands that ECIII has a briefcase of his own. And, in that case is a TNA Tag Title shot. MVP said he’s sure Gunner and James Storm would like to be Tag Champs after their drama, so he suggests they put both cases on the line in a ladder match. Dixie smiled and accepted while ECIII freaked out. MVP said just to make sure things are good, he will be watching the match backstage and he will even the playing field if Carter thinks he can cheat to win. Tenay said the match is next.

[Commercial Break at 9:12]


1 — GUNNER vs. ETHAN CARTER III — TNA World Title briefcase vs. TNA Tag Title briefcase in a ladder match

Gunner exited the ring to retrieve a ladder early on, but ECIII dropkicked the ladder through the ropes. Carter sold the effects of landing hard on the floor executing the move, but recovered and slid the ladder into the ring. Gunner blocked a ladder-climb, then they battled back-and-forth over possession of the ladder.

Suddenly, Magnus hit the ring, so James Storm came down to ringside to clear the heels from the ring. MVP then emerged on-stage and told Magnus and ECIII that he was not messing around. He then made a mid-match change to a tag match – winner take all. A bell sounded leading to break.

[Commercial Break at 9:21]

1b — GUNNER & JAMES STORM vs. ETHAN CARTER III & TNA World Hvt. champion MAGNUS — TNA World Title briefcase vs. TNA Tag Title briefcase in a ladder match

Back from break, the re-started match was in progress. GunStorm controlled early on, but Dixie’s Dudes dumped Storm to the floor and double-teamed Gunner with high-impact offense. Magnus and ECIII continued to keep Storm out of the ring to isolate Gunner, then they chucked Gunner out of the ring.

ECIII started to climb the ladder, but Magnus pulled him down. Magnus told him that this is his deal. ECIII didn’t appreciate it, then a shoving match broke out. Storm took advantage by slipping back into the ring to take out the heels. Gunner then dropped ECIII with a diving headbutt, climbed the ladder, and yanked down both briefcases before falling to the mat.

WINNERS: GunStorm at 8:56; Gunner & Storm have a TNA Tag Title shot and Gunner retains the TNA World Title shot.

[Q3] Still to come tonight: Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray in what is now being called a Casket match instead of a Coffin match.

Backstage: Mr. Anderson said this is not about a jacket, biker club, or a TNA World Title shot. It’s about what he has that Bully doesn’t have – family. Anderson pulled up a picture of his twin babies on his phone to send Impact to break.

[Commercial Break at 9:32]

Backstage: TNA tag champs Bro-Mans were shown knocking on Dixie Carter’s office. They barged in and spotted Rockstar Spud fixing the floor. Jessie complained about GunStorm having the Tag Title briefcase now, when before they had an agreement with ECIII not to cash in for a very, very long time. MVP walked in to interrupt the argument. He also booked Bro-Mans in a tag match against the Wolves and a mystery partner.

Last week: Joseph Park discovered that he’s Abyss.

In-ring: Christy Hemme was standing by to introduce the next match. TNA tag champs Bro-Mans and D.J. Zema Ion came out as the first trios, then the Wolves were introduced next. Their partner for a six-man tag match was … on the other side of the break.

[Commercial Break at 9:41]


The heels used their numbers to knock down Davey early on. The heels isolated Davey, who eventually broke free and tagged in Joe. Joe destroyed D.J. Zema with signature offense, then chaos broke out. All six men in the ring. Bodies started flying, then the Wolves delivered stereo suicide dives on the floor. Back in the ring, Joe slammed Ion, then slapped on the rear-naked choke. It was good for a submission win.

WINNERS: Joe & The Wolves at 5:33. Okay in-ring introduction for the Wolves, who were secondary to Joe in a six-man tag introduction.

Up Next: Abyss sorts through his personality issues. Abyss was shown choking someone backstage while walking down the hallway.

[Commercial Break at 9:52]

Management Office: Dixie Carter was complaining about someone’s typing annoying her. As MVP and Rockstar Spud also sat in the office, Velvet Sky walked in. Velvet asked for her to call off the match with Chris Sabin tonight. Dixie said she built the Knockouts division, then told Velvet to get in the ring tonight and face Sabin. Sky sarcastically thanked her for the support.

Spud then stepped up to MVP, who met him at the yellow tape line separating the two sides of the office. Spud said MVP is washed-up, so MVP responded by booking them in a match tonight. MVP said he’s going to tell “the director” that their match will be next. Spud freaked out, then Dixie told Spud that that’s his fault for opening his mouth.

In-ring: An unmasked Abyss slowly walked down to the ring with his face covered by the hood of his jacket. Abyss slowly entered the ring as his music replayed.

[Q5 — second hour] Abyss’s music stopped and he requested that the lights be kept dim. Abyss breathed heavily, then said he never wanted this to happen to this way. But, his “good buddy” Eric Young wanted to prove that Abyss and Joseph Park were one in the same. He shouted for EY to come down to the ring and see what he’s done.

A heavily-bearded Young came half-way down the entrance ramp and growled back at Abyss that he was just trying to help. Abyss growled back that EY needs to get closer. “Are you afraid?” He asked. Young smirked and slid into the ring to go face-to-face with Abyss. Young said he proved last week in the Monster’s Ball match that he’s not afraid of anything.

Young said Joe Park asked him to help find his brother, Abyss, and he’s standing right here. Abyss then held up his mask and hair that this is the reality of what he did. Abyss removed the hood to reveal his face. “I am Abyss,” he said. Young said what he proved is that Abyss and Joseph Park are the same person. When he pulled his mask off last week, he showed Park exactly who he is.

“Who I am, Eric?” he growled. “Who am I, Eric?” Abyss asked Eric how he can know him unless he’s been there. He shouted that he’s carved his body to bits and destroyed people’s lives. “I have destroyed careers!” he growled. Abyss said the blood, tacks, and barbed wire – pause to collect his thoughts. Abyss told EY that he can’t be him anymore. “I can’t do what he did anymore with a conscious,” he said. “I can’t be him anymore. What I need, EY, I need help.”

EY told Park/Abyss that they can finish this together. “I can help you, man,” he said. Park/Abyss snapped back that he doesn’t want his help. “You and I are done,” he shouted at Young. “What I need to do, EY, is go away. I need to go away and I need to fix this.” Abyss’s voice raised as he shouted: “I need to fix your mistake!” Abyss said he needs to find someone who truly understands him. “Yeah, I’m going to find somebody who truly understands me and I’m going to fix this,” he said. Park/Abyss dropped the mic, then dropped the Abyss mask and hair at EY’s feet before leaving the ring.

Up Next: MVP was shown walking down the hallway dressed to wrestle for the first time in TNA. “MVP is up next,” Tenay under-stated, selling being speechless about Abyss’s declration.

[Commercial Break at 10:09]

Earlier Today: Christy Hemme was shown walking around backstage. Sam Shaw then creeped up and helped her load a suitcase in a trailer vehicle. Christy tried to tell Shaw that she can take care of herself, but Shaw redirected to agreeing with her that they will keep things strictly professional. Shaw walked off, but soaked up Christy’s scent as Christy hung back selling disgust.

[Q6] In-ring: Rockstar Spud, wearing a bowtie with his wrestling pants, was in the ring. MVP was then introduced to face Spud, who bailed from the ring before the bell sounded. They played a game of cat & mouse before Spud caught MVP with a kick to the head to begin the match.


Spud kicked MVP in the leg, then mistakenly slapped MVP across the face. So, MVP responded by tossing Spud into the air. MVP followed with a Ballin’ elbow drop, then delivered a running boot to the head. MVP sat on Spud for the three count.

WINNER: MVP at 0:57.

Still to come: Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray in a casket match.

Up Next: Velvet Sky vs. Chris Sabin the night before Valentine’s.

Backstage: Bobby Roode was shown angrily walking down the hallway looking for Dixie Carter. “Dixie!” he shouted. “Dixie Carter!”

[Commercial Break at 10:19]

Vignette: Freaky Jeff Hardy dressed in black and white spinning a black and white umbrella as his modulated voice spoke in metaphors. Apparently he’s bringing Willow in the Wisp to TNA.

Backstage: Dixie Carter freaked out to someone on the phone. Dixie said she’s talked to her parents and lawyers because she can’t deal with MVP. Bobby Roode interrupted the phone call, shouting at Dixie that he upheld his end of the bargain. Roode freaked out about Dixie owing her a World Title shot. He then told Dixie that she does not want him as her enemy. Roode, seething, stomped off as Dixie went back to selling frustration.

In-ring: Velvet Sky’s music played to introduce her to the ring. But, first, a video review of Chris Sabin embarrassing Sky last week and challenging her to a match this week. No sign of Sky back in the arena. Chris Sabin’s music then played and Sky was in the ring.


Before the “match” commenced, Sabin took the mic. Sabin said that because he is a gentleman, he will allow Sky the first shot absolutely free. Sabin sarcastically asked Sky what’s wrong because all of the attention is on her. Sabin then backed up and said he doesn’t know what he even saw in her. “You’re nothing but a skank,” Sabin said, using the Vince Russo verbiage. Sky kicked Sabin in the knee, then kicked him in the crotch. Sabin no-sold and called her a piece of trash before removing his cup. Sabin turned his back, so Sky low-blowed him from behind.

Sky beat down Sabin before a new “amazon” woman hit the ring. The announcers played it up as the woman not being human, then she placed Sky in a Full Nelson at Sabin’s request. Sabin did a dance over Sky’s fallen body, then covered her. The random woman counted to three, but no bell sounded since it was not an official match.

WINNER: No match.

[Q7] Up Next: Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray in a coffin/casket match.

Backstage: Bully Ray led the cameraman into the locker room area. Ray pulled out Mr. Anderson’s passport, then his cell phone. Ray dialed a number on Anderson’s phone, then asked Mrs. Anderson if she knows who he is. Ray said this is the phone call she has been dreading her entire life. No, he’s not dead, Ray said. Not yet. Bully told Mrs. Anderson to tell the twins that Anderson says good-bye. Apparently they were playing off the idea of someone having to call a loved one when another wrestle dies prematurely.

[Commercial Break at 10:33]

Locker Room: A roving reporter asked Bobby Roode what happened with Dixie Carter. Roode talked in a normal voice that he lost it and flipped out. Roode said things are too much for him right now. “It’s over,” he said. “I just need some time to think.” Roode said he needs to get his mind together for next week. Security then showed up and told Roode that he needs to go on Dixie’s orders. Roode grabbed his suitcase and walked off.

Earlier Tonight: Gunner challenged Magnus to a TNA Title shot next week.

Video Package: The Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson feud, which is currently existing on a different plane than the Dixie-MVP business.

In-ring: Bully Ray was introduced first for the casket match main event. Ray emerged on-stage holding a chain. Tenay said Ray broke every unwritten code in the wrestler’s book about Bully going through another guy’s stuff to dial Anderson’s wife. Taz said it’s not cool and he’s shocked. After Ray entered the ring, Mr. Anderson was introduced on-stage as Tenay brought up the end of Aces & Eights.

5 — MR. ANDERSON vs. BULLY RAY — Casket match

Once the bell sounded, Ray slowly unzipped his jacket, revealing a Liverpool football uniform, upsetting the Manchester crowd. Tenay explained the soccer reference to the TV audience before Anderson ripped off the jersey and choked Ray with it. Anderson then played games with the jersey, turning what was built up as a very personal feud into house show-level light fare. The match moved to the floor heading to break.

[Q8] [Commercial Break at 10:45]

Back from break, each man had a chair in-hand. Anderson won the chair battle, then went under the ring to retrieve a table. Anderson slid the table into the ring and set it up as the camera focused on Anderson’s nose producing blood. Ray slid the casket into the ring, then popped Anderson across the back with a chair. Ray followed with a superplex.

At 10:00, Ray put Anderson into the casket, then lifted up the casket lid for the crowd to see, but Anderson blocked the casket lid from closing on him. Ray went for another chair shot, but left himself wide open to take a punch to the crotch. Ray froze mid-swing to sell the effects, but quickly recovered and powerbombed Anderson through the table.

Ray then stalked Anderson to put him back into the casket, but Anderson blocked a piledriver and flowed into a Mic Check, which sent Ray face-first into the casket. Anderson then picked up the casket lid and closed the deal to win the match and end the feud, according to Tenay.

WINNER: Anderson at 12:47. Solid grudge match after the commercial. If it’s the end and not another false tease of the end of the feud, a la John Cena vs. Randy Orton on Raw this week.

Dixie’s Office: MVP was shown cooling down from his match against Rockstar Spud. Dixie Carter then walked in for a discussion. Dixie said she has no tolerance for MVP, then offered to buy MVP’s shares in TNA. Dixie said her experience with wrestlers is they aren’t very good businessmen, which is why she figures MVP wants to sell. Dixie handed over a piece of paper with the figures. MVP said this is a substantial amount of money, and more than a payday he’s seen. Dixie said that’s because he’s a wrestler.

MVP then talked about why he came to TNA – to make TNA a better company and reach its potential. MVP said while Dixie’s offer is substantial, it’s “no can do.” Dixie called him crazy. MVP said maybe just a little. He said he has a solution. Lethal Lockdown. Two teams of four. Winning team receives complete control of TNA operations. Dixie said “absolutely not.” She said she will never give MVP control of wrestling operations. Dixie said MVP will be sorry she ever put him in this position. MVP said she might be surprised who ends up running things and ends up running away. “In your dreams,” Dixie said. MVP re-arranged the flowers on their table, then walked off. Dixie sold frustration to end Impact.

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