Possible Big WWE Change for Cesaro, Backstage News on His Best of 7 with Sheamus

Posted by Eric Arrington September 12, 2016 3 Comments 3404 views

It will be very interesting to see what happens with the finish to the Best of 7 Series between Sheamus and Cesaro as there have been a lot of internal rumblings about Cesaro’s future. Many believe that the Series will lead to Cesaro’s trade to SmackDown. There’s been talk of Cesaro moving to the blue brand going back to the day he was drafted to RAW.

As of this past week, the plan was for Cesaro to win the Series with the last match at Clash of Champions on September 25th.

As noted, the Series is currently at 3-1 with Sheamus in the lead as we go into Match #5 on tonight’s RAW. There’s still been no confirmation on what title shot the winner will receive but word is that it will be against WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens.

  • Don West

    did foley say the winner get a world title shot? maybe cesaro will find the “loop hole” and challenge the smackdown champion, kinda like what royal rumble winners did back in the brand split

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    • Kyle Christie

      I never thought of that. Now that would actually be pretty cool and very creative of them if they went that route. Maybe Cesaro could be the one to defeat Miz for the IC Title. Bryan agrees to Miz’s “contract negotiations” then says he has to defend his title against SD’s newest acquisition… cue the sirens! I’d honestly go nuts if that happened haha, I love Cesaro.