Results: CZW “Cage of Death XVI” – 12/13/14

Results: CZW “Cage of Death XVI” – 12/13/14

Welcome to coverage of Combat Zone Wrestling’s Cage of Death, their biggest show of the year, from the Flyers Skatezone in Voorhees, NJ.

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The show opened with CZW VP Maven Bentley coming out and thanking everyone who donated to the promotion’s annual Toys for Tots drive. He then introduced several Marines. They played the national anthem and then thanked the Marines for all they do for the country.

Kyle Francis then introduced Santa Claus, who was booed out of the building. Welcome to CZW. They then began chanting, “F*** you Santa.” Santa said that everyone here has been good except for one…and DJ Hyde’s music played. CZW owner DJ Hyde came to the ring. The crowd chanted, “F*** you DJ.” A fan tossed a roll of toilet paper and it drilled him right in the head. That was pretty funny. Hyde said that the fans don’t deserve anything but he deserves the best Christmas present in the world. Out came Chris Dickinson, who nailed him with an enziguiri.

DJ Hyde vs. Chris Dickinson

Santa cheered for Dickisnson and raised his hand, but Dickinson attacked him and nailed a running power bomb on him. Dickinson then hit a tope to the outside on Hyde. They battled on the outside with Hyde taking the beating and then went into the crowd. They brawled back to the entranceway. They brawled back across the building and then to the other side of it. Dickinson rained down with ten punches in the crowd. Hyde regained control and nailed him with a table. Hyde nailed him with a stiff chair to the head but Dickinson was unfazed and fought back. They battled back to the entranceway and over the railing, into the ringside area.

Dickinson rammed Hyde hard into the railing several times. Dickinson nailed a running boot to the face. He continued working over Hyde until being drilled in the gut as he charged. Hyde tossed him into the ring, which got a huge pop since they were finally in the ring. The crowd then ripped on Hyde with vulgar chants. Hyde kicked away at Dickinson, who fired back with chops. Hyde fired back but was nailed with a series of kicks.

Dickinson went for a powerbomb but Hyde was too heavy. Hyde nailed him with a shot to the head and a dropkick for a two count. Hyde went to the top but was caught and suplexed off.

Hyde went for a lariat but Dickinson ducked and nailed a spinning enziguri, then a sick looking Death Valley Driver for the pin.

Your winner, Chris Dickinson!

Fun way to get the crowd into the show with the Santa stuff. The fans loved the brawl all over. There were some stiff shots. Dickinson has a lot of charisma.

Papadon & Pepper Parks (with Cherry Bomb) vs. Lucky Thurteen & Devon Moore

Papadon and Parks tore apart the Nation of Intoxication verbally and got beer spit in their face for their efforts. They attacked Thurteen and Moore but were run out of the ring and nailed with stereodives. Moore worked over Parks but was caught with a good clothesline by Papadon and sent to the floor. Parks came off the apron and nailed him, then tossed Moore back in.

Papadon and Parks nailed a double backdrop on Moore for a two count. Papadon drilled him with a kneedrop and they took turns tagging in and out to stomp him in the corner. They continued to control the match until Moore kicked them off and tagged in Thurteen. Lucky hit a series of dropkicks and nailed Papadon with a twisting tornado DDT. They almost scored a pin on Parks, which led to Cherry getting in the ring and arguing with the referee. Moore went after her but she kicked him in the groin.

This set up Parks and Papadon being able to nail a series of doubleteam moves and score the pin on Lucky.

Your winners, Papadon & Pepper Parks!

Good match.

The Beaver Boys (Alex Reynolds & John Silver) vs. Team Tremendous Investigations (Dan Barry & Bill Carr) with Dick Justice

Barry and Silver started with some fun back and forth wrestling and reversals. Reynolds tagged in but was overwhelmed by Barry. Silver tried to help but Carr nailed a double clothesline. Barry hit a dive to the outside. Reynolds took him out on the apron and tossed him back in the ring. Silver drilled him with an elbow off the ropes for a two count.

The Beaver Boys controlled the ring until Carr made the hot tag in and nailed some crazy suplexes. Reynolds tried to nail a dive but was caught and slammed down on the railing on the floor. Back in the ring, Carr covered him for a two count. Team Tremendous worked over Reynolds in their corner with chops. Barry hit a slingshot splash for a two count. Carr did the same for another two count.

Silver and Carr tagged in and Carr controlled the back and forth until missing a charge in the corner. Silver shocked everyone by nailing a big hiptoss on Carr and getting him over for a suplex for a two count. The Beaver Boys double teamed Barry and suplexed him into the buckles. Carr returned to the fray and Silver nailed him with a ton of strikes and kicks, then called him a “p*ssy.” This enraged Carr who nailed a big Black Hole Slam for a two count.

Barry went to the top but Silver shoved Carr into him, then hit a big back suplex on Carr. All four battled in the ring. Carr nailed a Canadian Destroyer on Reynolds. He’s a BIG guy so that was tremendous. Barry nailed a Spanish Fly off the top but Silver kicked out. The crowd chanted, “This is awesome.”

Silver sent Barry into the buckles but took out the referee. Carr went after Silver but ate a double superkick. The Beaver Boys grabbed chairs but were stopped by Dick Justice, who I kid you not, pulled a gun on them. Silver begged off and blamed Reynolds. Well, that was different!

In the end, Barry was still wiped out and pinned. The Beaver Boys kidnapped Justice after.

Your winner, The Beaver Boys!

Really frenetic, fun tag team. Team Tremendous has found the right formula of hard work and a good, funny police gimmick. The Beaver Boys are really really damn good. So much fun. Not a big fan of the gun bit but Justice is a comedy character.

CZW Wired champion Shane Strickland vs. Joe Gacy

Some good action early with Strickland’s speed against Gacy’s power. Gacy went for a dive but was nailed by a Strickland leaping kick. Gacy regained control and hit a tope suicida to the outside, then worked over Strickland with punches on the floor and a running knee. Strickland cut him off on the floor and worked him over. He returned with a stiff knee as Gacy entered the ring. Strickland followed up with some kicking combinations but was caught with a Bubba Slam into a backbreaker on the knee for a two count.

Gacy made a comeback but missed a charge in the corner and nailed his shoulder into the post. He went to the floor, where Strickland hit a springboard into a 450 splash, wiping out Gacy. Strickland recovered and sent Gacy into the corner barricade, then nailed a several knee strikes in the corner. Gacy mounted a comeback but was cut off with a leaping stunner. Strickland has really improved, even in the last few months since I’ve seen him work.

Strickland continued working over Gacy, focusing on the shoulder. Strickland tied him to the tree of woe and went to the top but Gacy escaped and nailed a rude belly to back overhead release superplex. Gacy worked over Strickland with a series of punches and nailed a DVDR for a two count. Strickland came back with an attempted crossface but Gacy escaped. Strickland came back with a DDT and locked on the Crossface. Gacy escaped and nailed a evil looking Tazplex for a two count.

Strickland avoided a Gacy move and scored with a superkick to the chin. Gacy absorbed it and wouldn’t go down. Strickland nailed another. Gacy finally went down after a third. Gacy came up bloody. Shane slapped him but Gacy nailed a stiff lariat and went to the top. Gacy went for a top rope splash but Strickland moved out of the way and locked on the Crossface. Gacy fought and finally made his way to the ropes.

Strickland stopped him from gaining any momentum and drilled him with a move off the top for another two count. Strickland decided he had enough, left the ring, grabbed the Wired title belt and tried to walk out. Devon Moore blocked his exit and forced him back into the ring. Strickland argued with him but was nailed with a lariat and a big splash, but still Gacy only garnered a two count.

Gacy lock on the Stuff Muffler and finally Strickland tapped.

Your winner and new CZW Wired champion, Joe Gacy!

Good match with some crazy highspots. Strickland may be the second coming of 2 Cold Scorpio. Gacy had one of his better showings here. Good stuff.

Tim Donst did a promo backstage saying he was going to be the savior of CZW and mocked that he was getting paid to cut a promo as everyone’s heroes were to get hit with weapons. He’s a really good talker.

Norman Smiley Memorial Bunkhouse Brawl Ultraviolent Food Fight of Life & Death: Greg Excellent & ? with Mama Excellent vs. Matt Tremont & ?

Excellent’s partner was the returning Sexxy Eddy. Tremont’s was Buxx Belmar.

The idea here was there were hardcore weapons and food. Lots of comedy stuff early including Buxx giving Eddy a testicular claw, Excellent and Tremont sharing food before they brawled and Mama Excellent rubbing Eddy’s groin to make him feel better. Yep. Eddy hit a dive to the outside. So, that led to Mama doing a dive (well, really falling) off the ropes onto everyone on the floor. That Mama loves her son. The crowd loved all this lunacy.

Buxx used a fish to nail Tremont. Somewhere, Shark Boy is very unhappy. Eddye and Tremont brawled. They did a spike spot with a banana which led to Tremont almost getting it in the rear end. Tremont nailed him with a cookie sheet. He then nailed him with, well, a loaf of bread, in the groin…for a two count. Alrighty, then.

Excellent returned and battled with Tremont in the ring as Eddy and Buxx battled on the floor. Tremont nailed Excellent with a can of whipped cream. He placed a crutch over him and went to the top rope. Excellent recovered first and nailed him with it, then shot whipped cream all over his head, then drilled it with a chair.

Eddy and Excellent teased a double suplex. Buxx slipped under them for a Tower of Doom spot. Excellent took out Buxx and tried to suplex Tremont on a frozen turkey but the suplex was reversed and Excellent took the punishment. Buxx wiped out Eddy and scored a two count.

Buxx placed a cake atop of Excellent went for an Alabama Jam but Excellent moved. Excellent came back to powerbomb Buxx on what I think was some hard candies. Tremont threw a carton of eggs at him. Excellent caught them but was nailed with a lariat. Tremont brought a Gingerbreak house into the ring and fought with Excellent, attempting to put the other through it. Excellent finally hit a slam thriugh the hiuse. Buxx nailed him with a keyboard and a shining wizard. He small packaged Eddy for a two count.

Eddy used a testicular claw and Excellent nailed his piledriver for the pin.

Your winners, Sexxy Eddy & Greg Excellent!

It was, as they say, um, a spectacle.

Preacher came out for a promo. He suffered a legitimate fractured neck last month taking a DVDR on the apron. He said he came out for a few reasons. He said that he wanted to thank everyone from the CZW locker room as everyone has called him or gone to see him since he was hurt. He wanted to thank every fan that contacted him and helped him get through the injury. He said he had pretty major surgery so it will be a little time before he can return, but he promised he will be back and when he is, he will show everyone something they have never seen before.

Alex Colon came out and apologized, but not for hurting him but because Preacher was “such a p*ssy.” Preacher’s wife slapped him and he menaced her but out ran Mike Bailey, who hit the ring and stopped it.

*BOTB14 Qualifier – Scramble Match: Caleb Konley vs. Jonathan Gresham vs. Alex Colon vs. ‘The Product’ David Starr vs. ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey vs. AR Fox

Bailey was set to started with Gresham but Starr tagged himself in. Gresham controlled him so Starr tagged out to Konley. This led to a wacky sequence where everyone went for a waistlock from behind on each other in a row. This led to all hell breaking loose with tons of crazy dives and highspots. No chance I can recap all this, but it was a lot of fun. Here are some thoughts/

AR Fox hit his springboard backwards splash to the outside on everyone. That was nuts. Completely nuts.

Mike Bailey really scored with some awesome martial arts kicks that the crowd loved.

Gresham showed some really good in-ring prowess and has amazingly crisp timing. He had a really good showing tonight.

I popped for Konley hitting the pounce. He looked good and had the crowd behind him.

David Starr plays a hell of a dope.

The crowd LOVED the sequence where referee Kevin Keenan laid out the workers and pinned Alex Colon with a GTS.

Mike Bailey vs. AR Fox is going to be a hell of an attraction down the line.

Really crazy stuff ending with Gresham pinning Starr with a big moonsault, stealing the win from Konley.

Alexander James vs. Rich Swann

The crowd loved Swann coming out to Lionel Richie. Swann controlled early. James tossed him over the top. Swann skinned the cat and came back with an awesome series of quick moves including a rana and a dropkick. Swann teased a dive but James’ team all stepped in the way. That allowed James to try and attack Swann from behind. Swann saw it coming and tossed James to the floor.

James nailed a neckbreaker to cut Swann’s momentum down. He choked Swann against the ropes. James drilled him down and tied up Swann on the mat. They went back and forth and battled by the ropes. James drilled Swann’s head rudely into the mat after something seemed to go amiss.

On the floor, James worked him over on the floor. Swann was almost counted out but returned. James scored several two counts but Swann kept kicking out. James brought him to the ropes for what appeared to be a superplex to the outside. Swann blocked it and kicked him, then dropkicked him off the top to the floor. Swann hit a big splash off the ropes for a two count.

Swann nailed a 450 splash off the ropes but one of James’ lackies pulled the referee out. Swann nailed a flip dive to wipe the lackies out. This allowed James to nail Swann and drill him to the mat, scoring the pin. The crowd HATED that.

Your winner, Alexander James!

After the match, someone in a mask and a black hoodie hit the ring and attacked Swann, destroyed him, rammed him into the railing and ran off. Three members of security slowly gave chase.

CZW Tag Team champions OI4K vs. The American Wolves

There was a “F*** TNA” chant as soon as the Wolves’ TNA theme ended.’

Jake Crist and Davey Richards started and went back and forth. Crist avoided Eddie Edwards coming off the ropes and faced off with the Wolves. He and Eddie had some nice back and forth exchanges. Dave Crist tagged in but was overwhelmed by the Wolves. Jake tagged back in but was tied up on the mat by Davey. Dave tried to interfere but was stopped by the referee, allowing the Wolves to doubleteam Jake.

The Wolves continued to work over Jake as Dave tried to get into the ring. Davey knocked Dave off the apron but he was able to return to the ring in time to break up a pinfall attempt. Eddie worked over Jake on the outside as Davey antagonized Dave.

Davey cinched in a side chinlock as the crowd tried to rally behind Jake Crist. The Wolves worked him over in the corner with chops and kicks. He finally kicked off Eddie during a charge into the corner and nailed a flying bodypress but was grabbed by Davey. He kicked Davey off and made the hot tag. Dave cleaned house and dropkicked the Wolves into each other. Everyone battled. Davey nailed a big suplex on Dave. The Crists came back with stereo dives on The Wolves.

The Crists worked over Eddie in the ring and scored several two counts. The Wolves came back with some great double team maneuevers on Jake Crist, scoring a near fall.

The Wolves hit a double suplex on Dave Crist but was Davey came down, Jake caught him with a sitdown powerbomb but Eddie broke up the pin. Nice spot. Crist nailed a back suplex with a bridge on Eddie but Richards came off the top with a monster double stomp.

The two teams went back and forth with some good near falls. They did some really great stuff including a sick Richards tombstone on Jake. The Wolves went to do a move off the top but Eddie was shoved off the top, allowing the Crists to doubleteam Richards. Dave took out Eddie on the floor while Jake scored a two count on Davey.

The Crists doubleteamed Richards and scored the pin.

Your winners and still CZW Tag Team champions OI4K!

Good, stiff tag match. Everyone worked their rear ends off here.


CZW champion Sozio vs. Drew Gulak vs. Blk Jeez vs. Biff Busick

They are using the traditional, original yellow and black CZW Cage of Death. There are platforms in each other. There are also bags hanging from the ceiling and a glass pane in one corner.

They are doing this elimination style. You can be eliminated via pinfall, submission or being thrown out of the cage with both feet hitting the floor.

Everyone battled. Gulak and Busick powerbombed Jeez and Sozio into each other and each scored a two count, then went nose to nose with each other. They tied up and tried to suplex each other with Gulak getting the victory there, suplexing Busick into the pane of glass.

Gulak went to the top trying to grab one of the canvas bags that were hanging but Jeez took him out. Jeez tried to get up but Sozio’s minions grabbed at him from outside the cage. Sozio whipped Busick into the cage. Jeez tossed broken glass in his face and slammed him on the glass particles. Jeez grabbed Gulak and sent him into the cage facefirst.

Sozio came back to slam Jeez with authority on the glass. Gulak drilled him with a running boot. Gulak climbed towards the top of the cage to grab one of the canvas bags but the minions attacked him and almost pulled him over the cage. No bag. Sozio worked over Gulak and went to the top, grabbing one of the bags. He tossed it into the ring and returned. He pulled out TWO barbed wire bats. He went after Gulak and dropped one of the bats as he swung. He swung a second time and smashed a pane of glass against the cage. Gulak drilled him in the chest with the bat and worked him over with it.

Gulak turned to Jeez and drilled him in the back with the bat, then went after Busick, who tried to fight it off to no avail. Gulak took the bat to Sozio’s face, which was now bleeding. Gulak then took the bat to Jeez’s forehead. Gulak continued to wage war with the bat until Jeez attacked him with the other one. Meanwhile, Busick and Sozio battled atop the ropes in a corner. Busick was knocked into the ring so Gulak attempted a pinfall. This left Sozio to grab another bag which had some cookie sheets and crockery. The crowd booed that.

Jeez took a strainer and began beating the others with it. Sozio drilled him with a cookie sheet and covered him for a two count. Sozio took control of the cage, working everyone over. He drilled Gulak hard but Gulak refused to go down after each shot. Gulak used a chokenstein for a two count. Busick tried to scale the cage but the minions prevented him. One of the minions met him at the top but was grabbed and tossed down onto the others, wiping out all four.

Busick made it to the top and retrieved a bag, tossing it at Sozio and knocking him off the ropes to the mat. Busick grabbed Gulak and suplexed him on the glass and barbed wire bat. He opened the bag and revealed a staple gun. Jeez took him down and locked on a Boston Crab. Gulak grabbed the stapler and used it on Jeez, who was now bleeding as well. Jeez ripped the CZW paper off his face and hit Gulak with a sick side suplex where he landed weird on his wrist. Gulak popped up, threw a baseball bat at Busick, who ducked it, and then nailed him with a big lariat for a two count.

Gulak climbed up the cage for a bag but was caught and hit with a back suplex off the ropes into the ring by Busick for a two count. Busick began climbing for the bag but Sozio was in pursuit. Gulak covered Jeez for a two count. At the top of the cage, Sozio used a staple gun on Busick and shoved him over the cage. He crashed through a table to the floor and was eliminated.

Three men remain.

Gulak went to the top but was met by one of the minions. Gulak overpowered him and sent the Minion down through what sounded like a table with glass atop of it. Gulak retrieved the next bag, which had light tubes. The crowd went nuts for that. Gulak began holding one and spinning it like a sword, then measured Sozio with it before drilling him in the stomach with it. He grabbed another and went for Jeez but Jeez ducked and nailed him with the barbed wire bat and began raking it in Gulak’s face. Jeez grabbed a tube and went for Sozio who tried to kick it and break it but failed. Jeez drilled him over the top of the head, bringing down the house.

Gulak and Sozio recovered and each grabbed light tubes and smashed each other. Sozio drilled Gulak and nailed him with a tombstone on a light tube for the pin.

Then, there were two.

It’s down to Jeez and Sozio.

Sozio went to nailed him with the bat but Jeez had grabbed a staple gun and began stapling him over and over in the stomach. He covered Sozio for a two count. Jeez pulled another set of light tubes out of the bag but Sozio nailed him from behind and they fell. He suplexed Jeez across the tubes. Sozio scored a two count.

Sozio used the staple gun. His minions opened the cage door and put a big ladder inside the ring. There’s one bag hanging above the ring now, so now we know how they are going to retrieve it. One of the minions sets the ladder up and holds it for Sozio to ascend. As he tried to get what was in the final bag, a bunch of chairs were brought into the ring. It was a weed wacker. As Sozio returned down, he turned it on but Jeez nailed him with a chair several times. He set up several chairs in the ring and placed a pane of glass atop of them. Nothing good can come from this.

Jeez placed him under the pane on the mat and climbed the ropes but Sozio caught up to him and they battled on the top rope. Jeez nailed an Ace Cutter off the ropes through the pane of glass. Jeez covered him but Sozio kicked up.

Jeez grabbed a chair but Sozio superkicked it into him. Sozio placed it atop of Jeez and beat it with another chair. He went to the top of the cage with the chair and came down, stomping the chair into Jeez, who was covered under the other chair. Sozio covered him as the crowd chanted, “Holy sh**” but Jeez kicked out at the last second. The crowd chanted, “BLK JEEZ.”

Sozio grabbed Jeez and said he was going to kill him but Jeez nailed a headbutt and went into his tights for something. It was handcuffs and he cuffed Sozio to the ring ropes. The crowd perked, knowing this was foreshadowing of the weedwhacker being used. Sozio tried to escape and begged for mercy. Jeez turned on the wacker but Sozio kept kicked him away. Jeez grabbed a chair and slammed it over his head, then cuffed his other hand to the ropes as well.

Sozio told him “F*** you.” Jeez used it again and again until finally Sozio blacked out. The referee called it.

Your winner and new CZW champion, BLK Jeez!

Well, that was certainly out of this world and beyond insane. Wow.

Credit: PWInsider

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