Results: CZW “Tangled Web 8” – 10/10/15

Results: CZW “Tangled Web 8” – 10/10/15

CZW “Tangled Web 8”
October 10th, 2015
Voorhees, New Jersey


Poseidon With Sea Friends def Frankie Pickard and DUB boys

Lio Rush def. AARON Williams
-Decent match , some nice high spots.


Neiko Sozio def Pepper Parks via Yakuza Kick

AR Fox def. Joe Gacy via Rollup
-Donst interfered on Gacy

Team tremendous def. The Beaver Boys via rollup w/h bridge to retain the CZW Tag Team titles

Joey Janella def. Tim Donst to win the CZW Wired Title viachair assisted clutch

Greg Excellent def. Dick Justice to win the honorary Junior Heavyweight title via submission
-Greg leaves Chrissy post match

Masada def. Rory Gulak via pin combo with bridge

JT Dunn def. David Star via Death By Elbow

Matt Tremont def. BLK Jeez to retain the CZW World Heavyweight Title
– Post match, DJ Hyde comes out mentions there’s no #1 contender.. So he announces Masada, AR Fox, Devon Moore,and Matt Tremont in Cage of Death for the title.

NOI def. OI4K via Devon Moore pinning Jake Crist
-Jake Crist is leaving CZW after the show in Ohio.

Credit: Christ GST

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