Results: EVOLVE 28 Live iPPV – 4/03/14

Results: EVOLVE 28 Live iPPV – 4/03/14


Matt Lancie & Ricky Starks & Danny Flamingo vs. Purple Haze & Bao Kin Do & J. Spade

All of these talents are WildKat Wrestling promotion talents, the promotion Luke Hawx runs here in Louisiana. They had a short but good six man tag. I didn’t do play by play because I wasn’t sure who was who. Kin Do looked good.

Your winners, Purple Haze & Bao Kin Do & J. Spade!

Wildkat Heavyweight champion Mike Dell vs. Flex Adams

Adams had Dell on the defensive early with a big backdrop and whipped him into the corner. Dell went up and over to the apron and went down under Adam’s legs as he slid into the ring. He followed up with a dropkick for a two count.

They went back and forth with some solid wrestling until Dell cheated to get the win. Short but solid.

Your winner and still champion, Flex Adams!

EVOLVE went live on iPPV and have some laser effects that reminded me of the old Jim Crockett Promotions effects. The ring is on a stage in an auditorium and they have seats on the ring on three sides.

Drew Gulak vs. Biff Busick

This is a rematch from their awesome match several months ago in Brooklyn, NY, which I loved.

They circled each other at the bell and attempted to each nail strikes, which didn’t have much effect. They then each attempted strikes. Gulak grabbed a side headlock. Busick reversed and they ended up in the corner, forcing a clean break.

Gulak took control and worked over Busick with a side headlock. They tied up in the ropes and the referee forced the break. Busick gained control and worked Gulak over on the mat, trying to wear him down with a headlock. Gulak fought to his feet and sent Busick into the ropes, where he was hit with a shoulder tackle.

Busick rebounded on the ropes but this time, was tied up on the mat. He escaped and they faced off. Busick grabbed another and they went back and forth trying to muscle the other over. Gulak finally snapped a belly to belly suplex. He grabbed Busick’s arm and wrenched at it, bending it backwards to force a submission.

Gulak controlled Busick. Lighting him up with stiff chops. Busick fired back with shots of his own. Gulak nailed him and went for an inverted atomic drop but was nailed and a suplex was attempted. Gulak reversed and senr him into the ropes hard.

Busick fired back with an awesome back suplex and a leg lariat. He nailed a lariat for a two count Really good stuff. Gulak locked Busick in a Dragon Sleeper but it was reversed and Busick locked in a choke.

Your winner, Biff Busick!

Really fun opener with some good, fluid back and forth physical action.

Green Ant vs. Maxwell Chicago

Ant dropkicked Maxwell to the apron and suplexed him in, then hit a cannonball in the corner. Chicago did some good comedy bits. Ant controlled him and nailed several kicks. There was a lot of Chicago’s comments and shenanigans.

Maxwell worked over Ant but was caught with a clotheslined that sent him upside down. Ant placed him on the top to set up for a superplex but Maxwell blocked it and shoved him off. Maxwell went to come off the ropes (well, bottom rope) but was superkicked and turned over into a Texas Cloverleaf. He tapped out.

Your winner, Green Ant!

If you like the Chicago character, you’ll enjoy this. It was a lot more entertaining than this probably reads.

Caleb Konley (with Su Yung & Mr. A) vs. AR Fox

They went back and forth on the mat with some nice counter wrestling early. Konley was backed into the corner. Fox took control and chopped Konley around the ring in every corner. Konley fought back but was sent into the opposite corner, where he was nailed with a pair of flashy kicks.

Fox went for a moonsault but landed on his feet when he was Konley moving. He nailed a drop toehold. He sent Konley out and hit a dive to the outside. They have a lot of guts doing dives out there Konley cut Fox off when he went for another dive and sent him to the floor, then hit a tope.

Konley worked over Fox on the floor and slammed him into the apron. Konley nailed several chops and strikes. The crowd was really on his case. Konley scored several two counts. He nailed a back suplex for a two count. Fox cut him off and nailed a nice twisting suplex for a two count.

Fox placed Konley on the ropes for the springboard Uranage. Konley escaped but was then hit with a leaping kick. He fell to the apron and was kicked off. Fox then hit a backwards flip dive off the top, which given the little space they had, was insane. You have to respect that nuttiness. Fox then did a legdrop off the top onto the apron. Ouch.

Konley fought back and nailed a moonsault for a two count. They went back and forth with some insane near falls. They did a spot where they were at the ropes and went off and took a crazy death valley driver bump onto the apron. They returned to the ring and Fox scored the pin. He was immediately attacked by Mr. A and killed with a splash off the top.

Your winner AR Fox!

Crazy highspots in this one. The crowd really enjoyed them. Fun.

DGUSA Tag Team champions The Bravados came out and ripped the Young Bucks on the mic for not following the rules. Their bodyguard Moose killed an opponent. They said that’s what happens when you don’t follow the rules and it’s what’s going to happen to the Gentlemen’s Club.

DGUSA Tag Team champions The Bravados vs. Gentleman’s Club

They had a good back and forth traditional tag match early. Chuck Taylor cleaned house and scored several two counts. One of the Bravados was dropkicked off the apron but caught by Moose. Orange Cassidy came off the top with a double stomp. The Club nailed a bunch of double team maneuvers but the referee was pulled out of the ring to prevent a three count,

The Bravados came back to steal the win.

Your winners and still DGUSA Tag Team champions The Bravados!

By virtue of the loss, The Club cannot challenge again.

Larry Dallas came out and did a promo about this was the best year of his career. Uh… He began saying all the bad things that happened to him and acted like he was going to quit, which the crowd loved. He then said he would never quit.

Open the Dream Gate champion Ricochet vs. Tony Nese

They started off slow and then went into an absolutely awesome series of spots. Nese escaped and ran from a teased dive. Nese returned to the ring and tossed Ricochet to the floor. He worked him over on the floor and chopped him hard. He tossed Ricochet in and nailed a missile dropkick for a two count.

Nese worked him over but Ricochet fired back with a big uppercut. He went to the ropes for a quebrada but saw Ricochet moved and landed on his feet. He took out Ricochet and then nailed a springboard into a quebrada. Ricochet finally took Nese down with a big clothesline and opened up with a ton of offense. He nailed a flying bodypress for a two count.

Nese nailed several big shots but was caught with an Ace Crusher for a two count. Nese caught him and stunned him and went for a powerbomb but it was turned into a rana. Ricochet nailed a great belly to back suplex with a bridge. Ricochet nailed an awesome dive over the top to the floor.

He brought Nese back in and went for a move but Nese caught him and nailed a one handed powerbomb. Nese nailed a big knee in the corner and a sit down powerbomb for a two count.

They went back and forth with some big moves. Ricochet nailed a big superplex. The crowd chanted, “This is awesome.” They battled back and forth. Ricochet finally caught him with a DVDR for the win.

Your winner, Ricochet!

Real good.

Ricochet cut a promo about wanting to win the DGUSA Open the Freedom Gate title tomorrow. Gargano came out and said he was their hero. He said that everyone loves him and he’s the longest reigning champion today in wrestling. The crowd chanted, “Time to lose it.” He said that if he lost the belt, kids with cancer would cry. He promised he would do anything to keep it tomorrow. Gargano attacked him and stomped away. Rich Swann hit the ring for the save….

Johnny Gargano vs. Rich Swann

Swann worked over Gargano with a series of kicks and and began peppering punches in the corner. He stole Gargano’s black vest, then walked around like Steve Austin and stomped a mudhole in Gargano. He hit a dive into a rana on the floor, then tossed Gargano into a ringpost.

Swann continued working over Gargano on the floor. Gargano cut him off and tied him up on the mat, teasing he was going to break Swann’s arm. He kept working over Swann, who began making the come back. They began brawling back and forth.

Swann kicked him in the face and drilled Gargano into the mat. They went back and forth with some nice near falls. They went back and forth with kicks and strikes with stereo kicks wiping them each out. He nailed a series of Kawada Kicks. Gargano battled back and nailed a backflip into a stunner.

Gargano and Swann battled on the top. Gargano was knocked off but Swann missed a big diving splash. Gargano locked on a Crossface but Swann battled to the ropes. They battled to the apron. Swann was rudely dumped on head and then slammed on the floor. Back in the ring, he was tossed like a lawn dart into the buckles.

Gargano went to nail Swann with his title belt but the referee took it away. Gargano grabbed another title belt (I believe Ricochet’s) and nailed Swann and scored the pin.

Your winner, Johnny Gargano!

After the match, Gargano nailed Swann with a kick. He worked over Swann but Ricochet made the pin and KO’d Gargano. They left him laying in the ring.

EVOLVE champion Chris Hero vs. Trent Baretta (with Mr. A and Su Yung)

They had a feeling out process early on. Hero controlled Baretta on the mat but was grabbed with a side headlock. Hero shoved him off and tied up Baretta on the mat again, scoring several near falls. He controlled Baretta for a long time and nailed a back senton splash. He went for another but Baretta pulled up his knees.

Hero was worked over but fired back with a series of chops. Hero kept working him over until Baretta escaped and went to the floor. Hero followed but his shots were blocked and Baretta nailed a series of chops on the floor. Hero responded in kind.

Baretta drilled Hero into the corner. Hero fired back with hard shots and nailed a big leaping clothesline. He teased a dive and Baretta went off the stage and onto the floor. He returned but was nailed and hit with a big running boot.

Hero tossed him back into the ring but was caught with a leaping enziguiri. Hero nailed a forearm for a two count. Baretta came back with a leaping elbow and a tornado DDT for a two count. Hero nailed a big kick and a cravate into a suplex.

Hero went for a La Magistral cradle but Baretta stopped it and turned it a near fall. Hero locked on the Hero Lock but Baretta made it to the ropes. Hero went for a move but Baretta legdropped him as he was through the ropes.

They battled on the outside apron, going back and forth. Baretta caught Hero with a kick and then came off the top with a double stomp. He covered Hero for a two count. Hero fought back and they went into a great series of near falls and back and forth strikes. Baretta nailed a top rope rana. Hero nailed a roaring elbow. Baretta kicked out. Hero went for another but the ref was nailed when Baretta ducked.

Tony Nese, Caleb Konley and Mr. A hit the ring and worked over Hero, who laid them all out until Baretta caught him and covered him. Hero kicked up at the last second. Baretta ate a big boot and a roaring elbow to the back of the head for another two count.

Baretta came off the top but was massacred with a big boot to the face in mid-air then a series of roaring elbows. Hero scored the pin.

Your winner and still EVOLVE champion, Chris Hero!

Really great main event. Just some really hard hitting back and forth match with some fun near falls at the end, The crowd loved this.

Credit: PWInsider

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