Results: EVOLVE 56 iPPV – 03/19/16

Results: EVOLVE 56 iPPV – 03/19/16

Evolve returned to La Boom in Queens, New York with a stack card.

TJP defeated Sami Callihan
This match proved why Perkins is considered one of the best in the world. Callihan came in ready to kill Perkins but Perkins held his own. The men traded stiff kicks and various other maneuvers before Callihan locked in the stretch muffler. Perkins was able to roll through and lock in a some sort of triangle leg hold to pick up the win. I liked that Perkins picked up the win as it was said to be a win for “Catch Point”. This was a very good opener.

Perkins then took to the mic to state to Regal that he is a free agent.

Ethan Page defeated Jack Gallows
Mike Bailey was unable to make the show, so local talent Jack Gallows was brought in as a last minute replacement. Gallows is quick to go after Page. Page though doesn’t take that lightly and goes right back after Gallows. Page is still trying to prove that he’s ‘not a bad guy’ so we see a very earnest, no cheating effort from Page. Page won the match with a Package Piledriver to pick up the win. This was an insane way to end the match. Page looked every bit the superstar that he is. This was pretty much a squash match.

Drew Gulak (w/Tracy Williams) defeated Fred Yehi
Yehi got to show here his technical chops versus one of the best wrestlers on Evolve’s roster. Yehi took it to the mat with Gulak. Gulak twisted Yehi around trying out some incredible looking submissions. Gulak dominated Yehi with some nasty looking stomps to the chest. Yehi had a lot of backing from the crowd which was impressive considering he still relatively new to Evolve. Gulak picked up the win with a Dragon Sleeper after a pretty impressive mat based match.

After the match, Gulak grabs a mic and tells Yehi he’s not yet at Gulaks’ level to shake his hand. Williams then calls out Chris Hero.

Chris Hero defeated Tracy Williams
This is the match where Williams showed just how great he is and was his breakout performance in Evolve. Hero attempted to keep Williams out of the ring to no avail. Hero really attempts to beat the shit out of Williams but Williams kept going back for more. Hero hit repeated kicks to Williams face but again, Williams kept going back for more. Williams got a bit fired up and hit a bunch of stiff forearms on Hero. Williams hit a beautiful single leg into a back drop. These guys traded so many stiff kicks and strikes with the story being that Williams was going to take anything Hero hit him with and keep coming back for more. Hero attempted to elbow Williams to death but Williams responded back with a kick. Hero looked to be getting desperate when he couldn’t beat Williams with a snap piledriver. Williams hit a german suplex and a nasty looking piledriver to only get a one count on Hero, which was an incredible moment. Hero hit Williams with just about everything, but Williams kept kicking out until Hero eventually got the win with a Gotch style piledriver. This match was an absolute war that you need to go out of your way to see. Hero is one of the best in the world at the minute.

Hero took to the mic to say that he’s not only one of the best in the world but the best of all time.

Caleb Konley & Anthony Nese defeated Team Tremendous
This was a decent back and forth tag match with all the big moves Team Tremendous is known for. There was lots of fun double team from both teams. PAB won after Andrea ran in and hit a boot allowing them to steal the win. The booking here made no sense. Team Tremendous lost the night before they challenge for the tag titles, which killed their match tomorrow night. PAB have also been fighting lately, so it made no sense for them to win.

ZSJ defeated Johnny Gargano
This was nothing short of incredible. I’m always amazed that people forget just how good of a technical wrestler Johnny Gargano is but no one could forget it during this match. ZSJ is THE best technical wrestler in the world and has been making waves the last couple of years. This match was the first in the Zack Sabre Jr Best in the World Challenge series. Gargano really took it to Sabre here. Sabre, as always looked incredible. I kept thinking he was going to snap off some body part of Gargano’s. Sabre landed some stiff kicks and all in all, this was great. These two’s chemistry was off the charts. What I really liked about this, was that Sabre had to adapt a little more to Gargano’s style than he usually does to others. Gargano went for a spear and Sabre countered which then led to a Garga-no escape. Sabre locks in the octopus hold and with that modified it almost making up a new hold as he bent and twisted Gargano until he tapped out. This match was like a game of chess and another worth checking out.

PAB attacks Gargano after the match. Ethan Page scares them away saying that he has Gargano’s back.

Evolve Championship
Timothy Thatcher defeated Matthew Riddle
Matthew Riddle is a talent unlike any others. MMA fighters try to cross over to wrestling and vice versa all the time but very few show true talent in both. Riddle does. Riddle burst onto the scene and has completely captivated everyone. Love him or hate him, you react to him. His undefeated streak has been nothing short of incredible especially when you look at who he’s faced. Thatcher though, can’t be forgotten here. Silent and strong, Thatcher is everything I personally love in wrestling. Before this match, the quick few words that he said are a great example of what makes him such a great champion. The fact that more people don’t know about Thatcher is truly criminal. Riddle dominated the beginning of this match and it was getting good when all of a sudden it just seemed to end. It felt like we were only in the first third of the match. Thatcher hit an accidental low blow and a headbutt to pin Riddle. The story was that Thatcher hit the low blow on purpose. This was a very underwhelming match that could have been great.

After the match there was a huge confrontation between Thatcher and Gulak/Williams. Callihan then came in and bicycle kicked Thatcher. Williams choked out Callihan ahead of their meeting tomorrow night.

This was a good show with a flat ending. Hero vs Williams and Sabre vs Gargano are worth the price of the replay alone

Credit: PWInsider

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