Results: House of Hardcore 10 – 11/13/15

Results: House of Hardcore 10 – 11/13/15

House of Hardcore 10 opened with a video feature showcasing the company’s motto, “No Politics. No BS. Just Wrestling” before showing EC3 and Eric Young’s attack on Tommy Dreamer at the last event here, before noting tonight was just about “Revenge.”

Ben Ortiz vs. Yusuke Koduma.

The idea here is Yoshihiro Tajiri’s student vs. Tommy Dreamer’s student. The crowd chanted “Fatista” at Ortiz, who is built like a younger Bam Bam Bigelow. They went back and forth. Ortiz nailed a supex on Koduma. He locked on a side headock. The crowd chanted, “Please don’t eat him.”

Koduma made a comeback with several rights and a leaping kick. He went for a superkick but Ortiz caught his leg, spun him and nailed a belly to back suplex for a two count. Ortiz went to the top for a flying frog splash but Koduma rolled out of the way. He nailed a moonsault and scored the pin.

Your winner, Yusuke Koduma!

Solid opener.

Lance Hoyt vs. Chris Hero

They brawled to the floor right away. Hoyt took over in the ring and hit a big lariat out of the corner. Hero fought back with several chops and whipped Hoyt into the ropes. Hoyt rebounded and went for a big boot. Hero cut him off and sent him to the floor. Hero went for a dive but Hoyt moved out of the way. Hero lands on his feet and went right after Hoyt, drilling him.

Hero tossed Hoyt back into the ring and set up for a lariat in the corner. He was caught with a Black Hole Slam for a two count. Hoyt came off the ropes with a splash and scored a two count. He pulled up Hero and worked him over. Hero made a comeback and nailed a lariat for a two count.

They fought back and forth with hard right hands. Hoyt picked up Hero and slammed him down but Hero kicked up at two. He put Hero on the top and went for the move again but Hero slipped out and drilled him with the roaring elbow, scoring the pin.

Your winner, Chris Hero!

Nice big man bout.

Tony Nese vs. JT Dunn vs. Alex Reynolds

All three went for quick pins on the other at the onset before facing off. Dunn hiptossed Reynolds towards Nese, who then caught him with a rana. Dunn went for a dive but Reynolds nailed him. Nese went after Reynolds, cartwheeling over him on the apron and landing on the floor. Nese went for a kick but was caught and slammed down

Back in the ring, Reynolds tied up Dunn on the mat and stomped him. Nese returned to the fray and nailed a running kick. He sent Reynolds into the corner. Dunn returned to the fray and took control over both. Nese sent them over the top to the floor and hit an awesome reverse flip over the top to the floor, wiping them out.

When they returned to the ring, Nese and Reynolds battled back and forth with strikes and punches. Dunn attacked but was caught with a sitdown tombstone for a two count. They went into chaos mode with all sorts of crazy spots and near falls, getting a great reaction from the live crowd.

Dunn missed a double stomp off the top and ate a superkick. He came back to nail Reynolds with a roaring elbow and scored the pin.

Alex Reynolds has been eliminated.

Dunn grabbed Nese and attempted a superkick. Nese kicked him off and then nailed a 450 splash off the top for the pin.

Your winner, Tony Nese!

Very good three way with lots of good looking athletic spots in a fast paced manner. I never get tired of watching these guys work.

All three showed each other respect after the bell.

Colt Cabana & Team Tremendous & The FBI vs. Vic Dalishus & Four Partners of His Choice.

Dalishus came out dressed as Jesus Christ. Cabana took the mic and said he was offended by this. Dalishus asked, “Why would Jew be offended?” That was pretty awful. Cabana got mad and had to be held back. Dalishus said he was the savior of HOH and announced his first partners, The Samoan Empire…former WWE star Manu, Lloyd and Lance Anao’i. He then announced Jade from TNA. Cabana acted like he wanted to flirt with her.

Team Tremendous checked the referee and he had contraband so they called for a new referee. Out came Earl Hebner.

Jade and Guido faced off. They went back and forth with kicks. Jade nailed a nice dropkick on him. Guido offered his hand and she slapped him, then ran to tag Lance. Cabana tagged in and he and Guido took down Lance. Guido wanted to do the Paison double elbow but Colt didn’tknow what he meant. Mamaluke entered the ring and shoved him. Cabana shoved him back and Mamaluke staggered towards Guido, who grabbed his arm and they did the Paison elbow.

Team Vik worked over Dan Barry for a long time. Lance missed a move off the top, allowing Barry to make the hot tag to Bill Carr. Jade began nailing German suplexes on everyone. She went for one on Cabana and he loved the physical contact and tried to snuggle with her. Carr grabbed her and dropped her over the ropes to the floor in Cabana’s waiting arms. This set up a series of dives. Jade nailed a moonsault off the top onto everyone.

They went back and forth until Team Tremendous’ Bill Carr caught Vik with a Canadian Destroyer for pin,

Lots of silliness mixed in with some good wrestling. The Cabana-Jade silliness was GREAT. Tony Mamaluke looked especially good in the ring. I thought everyone did their jobs really well here. For such a striange mix of talent, it congealed well.

Tomasso Ciampa vs. Eddie Kingston

Kingston has slimmed down considerably. He and Ciampa had some nice back and forth action. Ciampa caught Kingston with a kick. Kingston caught Ciampa coming off the ropes and nailed a big belly to belly overhead suplex. Ciampa drilled him with a series of hard slaps. Kingston went for a clothesline but was slapped with an armbar and brought back down to the mat for a two count.

With both men down, the referee began counting them down. They made it to their knees and exchanged headbutts. Ciampa nailed him with Project Ciampa for a two count. Kingston finally caught him with the spinning backfist for the pin.

Your winner, Eddie Kingston!

Solid match with some really nice exchanges. I thought this was the best Kingston has looked thus far in HOH and Ciampa was on his game as well.

Abyss vs. Rhino.

Rhino came out and said he doesn’t know if Abyss knows where they are but they are in the “f***ing Arena” and challenged him to make it hardcore and extreme with a No DQ Anything Goes Match. Abyss attacked him and they began brawling. Rhino nailed several shoulderblocks in the corner and teased a gore but Abyss left the ring.

Rhino followed him and they battled around on the floor. Abyss went under the ring and tossed some chairs in. He wedged one in the corner. He worked over Rhino. The Arena chanted, “F*** TNA.” Abyss continued to work over Rhino in the corner and nailed a running splash.

Rhino fought back but Abyss grabbed him for a chokeslam. Rhino fought him off and got one of the chairs, bringing it down over Abyss’ back. He took the ring bell, put it over Abyss’ genitals and rang it. He teased a gore as Abyss rose to his feet but was caught as he charged and chokeslammed. Abyss covered him for a two count.

Rhino came back with a Gore but Abyss kicked out. Rhino nailed him and placed a table in the corner. Abyss cut him off and drilled a chair down on him several times. He went for the Earthquake splash on Rhino but Rhino turned a chair sideways and Abyss crotched himself. Rhino gored him through the table in the corner and scored the pin.

Your winner, Rhino!

Abyss received a nice ovation as he left.

They aired a really nice video showcasing Dean Malenko’s career. Malenko came to the ring and was added to the venue’s Hardcore Hall of Fame.

Malenko said that as he was driving here, he was thinking a lot of his memories of the Arena. He said that looking back, he was thinking was it the building or Philadelphia and what it was, was the fans. He said that when he started in ECW, Paul Heyman contacted him in 1994. He asked if Malenko wanted to come work for him but when he learned what ECW was all about, he heard about what ECW was all about – barbed wire, the kitchen sink, people dipping their hands in glass and wondered what he could add to ECW. He said Tod Gordon was instrumental in him being in ECW and he said he had to thank Joey Styles as well. The Arena chanted, “Oh My God.”

He said the fans never held their feelings back. If the fans got the match they wanted, they didn’t hold back but if they didn’t get that, the fans really let you know it. He said he got honest feedback every time he stepped into the ring.

Malenko said his last match in the building was over 20 years ago and this was the first place he ever wrestled in the United States where it mattered. He said the final ECW night was the single greatest night of his career and Paul was kind enough to dedicate the entire TV show and night to that match.

Malenko said that his opponent that night and the person he worked with the most out of everyone in ECW was Eddy Guerrero. Malenko said that by far, Guerrero was his greatest opponent and his greatest friend. He said when fans ask you who your favorite wrestler is, Eddie was the greatest wrestler he ever had the opportunity to be in the ring with. The Best of Three Falls match was the best match he ever had in this Arena. He noted that today was ten years to the day Eddy passed away.

Malenko said that Eddy was a class act and so were the people in this building. Malenko said that he was honored and feels honored now to stand here in the ring. He said that he was honored when Tommy Dreamer invited him about a weeks ago, but looking at the banner, he feels it’s not right and he would like to personally induct Eddie Guerreron into the Hall of Fame. They unveiled a banner for Guerrero, which was a surprise and got a monster pop.

Malenko said he wanted to thank everyone for having him and giving him a chance to do something he wanted to do in honoring Eddy’s passing. He said that looking at the banner gives him chills. The crowd chanted, “Thank you Dean.”

Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries

Thea Trinidad managed Aries at ringside. Lots of really good back and forth wrestling. They had a feeling out process early. Aries caught Roode in a side headlock and every time he was shot off, he returned and went back to it. Roode finally slipped out and shoved Aries down to the mat. They argued but finally shook hands. Roode went to kick Aries but Aries caught it and nailed him with an atomic drop. Aries charged but was caught withn an inverted atomic drop of his own.

Roode caught Aries with an abdominal stretch, using the ropes to add to his leverage. He continued to do so with the refereen not catching him. Aries reversed and now he was using the abdominal stretch. They continued back and forth with some nice wrestling. Aries went for a suplex but Roode slipped out and landed on his feet. Aries nailed a dive through the ropes to the floor, taking Roode down.

Aries tossed him back into the ring and ascended to the top. Roode nailed the ropes, forcing Aries to lose his balance. They battled on the ropes and Aries nailed a superplex, holding onto Roode and turning over into a small package but only getting a two count.

Aries worked over Roode with hard rights and chops. Roode rolled up Aries and hooked the tights but Aries rolled through and did the same and scored the pin.

Your winner, Austin Aries.

They teased shaking hands and then Roode tried to attack Aries, who caught it and walked off.

They brought out Stephen DeAngelis to ring announce the main event.

Tommy Dreamer & Tajiri vs. EC3 & Eric Young

Young took the mic and said everyone can take their nostalgia crap and shove it up their ass. He said last time he was going to destroy all of Philadelphia’s fan favorites and end them forever. He said he didn’t care if it was hardcore and tables. He was going to end them all together.

Dreamer and EC3 started off. They fought back and forth. Dreamer nailed him with some clubbering elbows. Young tagged in and drilled Dreamer with a hard right hand. Dreamer got up and tagged in Tajiri. Tajiri and Dreamer nailed a double Dusty style elbow.

Young and EC3 double teamed Dreamer and worked him over. Tajiri made the hot tag and nailed a series of kicks. Dreamer and Tajiri did stereo Three Amigos as the venue chanted “Eddie.” Dreamer went to the top and hit a frog splash. He and Tajiri did the Eddie shimmy.

They went to the floor and began using weapons. Dreamer used a cheese grater on EC3’s groin. Tajiri and Youngbrawled on the floor. Tajiri and Dreamer locked them in stereo Tarantulas. Chris Mordetszky ran out and out Dreamer in the Masterlock. “Enter Sandman” began playing and out came The Sandman, who hit the ring and began caning the former Chris Masters.

EC3 and Young grabbed Sandman and hit him with a double Russian legsweep. The trio of villains began working over the heroes as the Arena chanted for Sabu. No Sabu. A barbed wire board is brought into the equation. Dreamer breaks free and hits the Spicoli Driver on EC3 on the board. Mike Kehner, the referee, was laid out.

Pepper Parks, of all people, ran out with Cherry Bomb and added to the fray, assisting the villains. No one knew who Parks was. They set up a table and the lights went out. Everyone chanted Sabu and this time, here he was, this time with Melissa Coates who has been dressing as his genie. Sabu began flinging chairs and put Parks through a table with a legdrop.

Young went for a piledriver but Tajiri rolled through and spewed the green mist. Tajiri nailed the kick to the head and scored the pin.

Your winners, Tommy Dreamer and Tajiri!

Dreamer took the mic and said he hates to steal someone else’s gimmick but they did the 5 second pose with the babyfaces.

Credit: PWInsider

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