Results: Ring of Honor Television – 11/25/15

Results: Ring of Honor Television – 11/25/15

We are in Kalamazoo, Michigan and your announcers are Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness.

Match Number One: Moose (with Stokely Hathaway) versus Dominick Carter

The bell rings and Moose with a spear and he gets the three count.

Winner: Moose

After the match, Stokely gets on the mic and he tells Jay Lethal that he has the Ring of Honor World Title around your waist. It is a matter of when Moose gets his opportunity for the title, he will become the next World Champion.

Stokely says this sounds familiar. We heard this on the last episode of ROH Television and it was Big Mike who said it. Stokely tells Mike he is sorry to do this and he wants Mike to face facts. Moose is bigger than you. Moose is stronger than you. Moose is a better wrestler than you.

Why? It is because Moose beat his opponent quicker than you beat yours last week on television. When you mix it up, you get the fact that you cannot beat Moose. If I were you, I would pack up all my stuff and put it in a duffle bag and get stepping to the back of the line for the Ring of Honor Championship.

Michael Elgin’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Big Mike takes a mic and he wants to know if he is talking to Moose or to you because that is the only voice he hears. Mike says that Moose won his match a little quicker, there was a 200 pound difference. When Moose wants real competition, Big Mike is here. When you want to grab that microphone and speak for yourself, he is standing in front of you and he does not back down.

Mike wants to know what Moose has to say.

Moose tells Big Mike they can do this right now.

Before Moose and Mike can battle, the music for the House of Truth plays.

Truth Martini is joined by Taeler Hendrix, Donovan Dijak, and J Diesel.

Truth says blasphemy is all he heard. They were not going to sit in the back and let you guys use Jay Lethal’s name in vain. Moose, you are nothing but a big goof. Big Mike, I kind of like you . . . psyche. Stokely, you are toddler size and he will pick you up by the collar and make you apologize.

The name Jay Lethal does not deserve to come out of either of your mouths because you are not on the same level.

Donovan Dijak, J Diesel, and Taeler Hendrix and himself agree that they do not like your riff raff. They are here to fix that. Everything you guys were talking about was whack. If life don’t check, I will.

Mike tells Truth they go way back but he will be honest with you. The only checking that will happen tonight is when he takes that side piece and checks into a motel later. Before that, Diesel and Dijak, you came out and stood in front of the wrong man. I will take the both of you out. Then sweetheart, I will show you a good time.

Truth tells Mike no one talks to Taeler like that. Truth says let’s do it now.

All four men brawl at ringside as it appears that we have an official match without the authority of the official matchmaker.

Match Number Two: J Diesel and Donovan Dijak (with Truth Martini and Taeler Hendrix) versus Michael Elgin and Moose (with Stokely Hathaway)

Elgin with forearms to Dijak while Moose connects with European uppercuts to Diesel. Elgin sends Dijak into the guardrails while Moose takes Diesel down. Elgin sends Dijak into the guardrails while Moose does the same to Diesel. Elgin with a forearm as we go to commercial.

We are back and Elgin sends Dijak into the turnbuckles. Dijak with an Irsih whip but Elgin with an enzuigiri. Elgin misses a clothesline but he does not miss with a drop kick. Moose wants to be tagged in and Elgin obliges. Moose with a drop kick of his own. Moose sets for a suplex and he hits it. Elgin tags back in and he shows Moose how to hit a delayed vertical suplex. Moose pushes Elgin and the referee considers that a legal tag.

Moose and Elgin argue and Diesel and Dijak take their time trying to attack so Moose and Elgin can stop them. Taeler grabs Elgin’s foot and Elgin turns around to look at her while Moose blocks a kick from Diesel but Dijak with a boot to the side of the head. Dijak with a choke slam back breaker to Elgin. Diesel with a kick to Moose’s head followed by punches from Diesel. Diesel chokes Moose in the ropes and connects with a boot off the turnbuckles while Dijak kicks Moose in the head.

Diesel gets a near fall. Diesel slaps Moose in the head and connects with forearms. Diesel with kicks to the back. Diesel with a boot to the head and Moose is back on his feet. Moose with head butts to Diesel followed by Moose jabs. Dijak hits Moose from behind and Elgin hip tosses Diesel over the rope to the floor. Dijak is sent to the floor and then Elgin with a senton off the apron onto both men.

Elgin grabs Hendrix and he dips her and then spins her and sends her away. Elgin sends Diesel back into the ring and Elgin with a dead lift German suplex and he gets a near fall. Elgin gets Diesel on his shoulders but Dijak comes in and walks right past Moose to pull Diesel off. Elgin goes for an O’Connor Roll to Dijak but Dijak holds on to the ropes. Moose with a clothesline to Dijak. Diesel with kicks to Elgin and Diesel gets Elgin on his shoulders momentarily but Elgin with a back fist. Moose with a blind tag. Elgin with a buckle bomb and Moose with a spear for the three count.

Winners: Moose and Michael Elgin

We go to commercial.

We are back with a video package for the Ring of Honor Television Title Match.

We see comments from Roderick that he only needs one more match to prove to Jay that he is better than him, no matter what Jay has said. After Death Before Dishonor, neither man could say they were the better man. After their rematch, everything was clear. He was the better man. He looked into Jay’s eyes and he was scared. He needs only one more match. He says it is not about the World Title or the Television title. This is about pride. It is about respect. This is why we do this. One on one, with no House of Truth by your side. Man versus man. He is not only taking his World Television Title, he is taking Jay’s pride.

BJ Whitmer, Adam Page, and Colby Corino are in the ring. BJ says he is rarely at a loss for words but after the garbage he saw last week, he does not know where to start. Steve Corino, you came out here and said you have a broken neck and needed surgery. Then you said your career may be over.

BJ says he saw through those words and he saw a scared and frightened man. He continued to lie and then he quit to get himself out of a difficult situation. It did not surprise him that the idiots bought what Steve had to say.

BJ says it surprised him that Nigel bought what Steve said. Then it hit him. You were on top of the world a few years ago and you found yourself in a difficult situation. To get out of it, you lied and then you quit too.

Nigel gets up from the announce position and he goes into the ring while BJ asks Nigel if he is going to be a man for once in his life.

Nigel tells BJ that he is sick of him coming out to interrupt these shows. We should be watching a World Television Title Match but we hear you whine and whine and whine. Steve Corino cannot be at Final Battle. If Steve Corino cannot be at Final Battle, you cannot be at Final Battle either. Since Adam Page is guilty by association, he is off the show as well.

Nigel tells them to get out of the ring.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Jay Lethal versus Roderick Strong for the Ring of Honor World Television Title

They circle each other as they try to figure out how to get the early advantage and then they lock up. Lethal with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Strong with a take down and Lethal gets to the floor. Lethal takes his time getting back into the ring. Lethal returns to the ring and they lock up. Lethal with a wrist lock but Strong with a fireman’s carry into an arm bar. Strong with a quarter nelson and chin lock followed by a rollup for a near fall.

Lethal goes to the floor and he starts to go to the back but the other referee talks to him and Strong chases Lethal around the ring. Lethal gets in and he tries for an elbow drop when Strong rolls back in but Lethal misses. Strong with a kick and chop. Strong with a double sledge to the back. Lethal with an Irish whip and Strong floats over and hits a leg lariat and Lethal goes to the floor as we go to commercial.

We are back and Lethal chops Strong on the floor. Lethal sends Strong into the guardrails. Lethal breaks the referee’s count and he goes back to the floor. Lethal Irish whips Strong into the guardrails. Lethal slams Strong’s head into the apron and he chops Strong. Strong with a punch and Lethal punches back. Strong chops Lethal and Lethal sends Strong into the ring.

Lethal with kicks to Strong as Strong tries to get feeling back into his right arm. Lethal with a chop to Strong but Strong chops back. Lethal with a kick and hard Irish whip. Lethal gets a near fall. Lethal with a forearm to the back and Lethal with a side head lock. Strong with punches but Lethal with a chop. Strong with a chop. They go back and forth with chops and Lethal goes to the mat.

Lethal lands on his feet on a belly-to-back attempt. Lethal tries for Lethal Injection but Strong with a drop kick to the back. Strong with an enzuigiri and both men are down. Strong with a chop and Lethal with a punch. Strong with another chop and Lethal with another punch. Strong gets Lethal on his shoulders but Lethal escapes. Lethal with the back breaker but Strong avoids the rest of Lethal Combination. Strong with a series of running forearms to Lethal against the ropes. Strong runs into a boot.

Lethal goes to the turnbuckles and Strong catches him and Strong with a back breaker and he gets a near fall.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Strong put Lethal on the turnbuckles. Lethal kicks Strong away and Lethal misses a missile drop kick. Lethal misses a super kick. Strong with a series of forearms but Lethal with the Lethal Combination. Lethal gets a near fall. Lethal puts Strong in the Koji Clutch. Strong gets his foot on the rope and then Lethal releases the hold.

Strong goes to the floor. Lethal kicks Strong and then he sets for the suicide dive but Strong grabs his foot. Lethal with a kick and then he hits a suicide dive. Lethal returns to the ring for a second one and he connects. Lethal goes back into the ring for a third one and Strong catches him and hits an Olympic Slam on the floor.

Strong rolls Lethal into the ring and gets a near fall. Strong gets to his feet first and he punches Lethal. Lethal with a punch of his own. Strong with a chop and Lethal with a DDT. Lethal points to the turnbuckles and he goes to the apron and he goes up top for the elbow drop but he takes too much time and Strong with a punch. Strong with a chop and he goes up top. Strong sets for a back breaker off the turnbuckles and he sends Lethal face first to the mat and Strong gets a near fall.

Strong applies the Strong Hold and Lethal tries to get to the ropes. Strong pulls Lethal into the center of the ring and that allows Lethal to get a near fall with a rollup. Lethal with a super kick and he hits Lethal Injection but Strong kicks out at two. Lethal sets for Lethal Injection a second time but Strong with a rollup for a near fall. Strong with two jumping knees. Strong with a knee in the corner followed by a running forearm into the corner.

Strong puts Lethal onto the turnbuckles and Lethal counters with a cutter off the turnbuckles but Strong kicks out at two. Lethal gets a near fall. Lethal gets another near fall. Lethal goes for a third cover in succession but he gets a near fall again.

Strong with a slap and Lethal with a punch. They go back and forth with punches. Lethal with two super kicks but Strong with a jumping knee. Strong with Death by Roderick followed by a Sick Kick and End of Heartache. Strong puts Lethal in the Strong Hold and Lethal taps out.

Winner: Roderick Strong

After the match, The House of Truth comes to the ring to check on Lethal. They go to the back while Strong celebrates in the ring.

We go to credits.

Credit: PWInsider

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