ROH State of the Art San Antonio Results – 06/15/2018

ROH State of the Art San Antonio Results – 06/15/2018

ROH 6/15/18 State of the Art San Antonio Review
The Aztec Theatre
San Antonio, Texas

This week, Ring of Honor presents State of the Art, headlined by the Bullet Club squaring off against the Briscoes and the Killer Elite Squad. Due to travel issues, the Briscoes had to replaced and we were told that information would be presented later.

Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana welcomed everyone to the show before the proceedings got underway.

The Boys vs. The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Vinny Marseglia)
The Boys attacked the Kingdom as they posed on the apron and quickly double-teamed Marseglia in the ring while keeping Taven on the outside. As the Boys worked over the Kingdom, Cabana spoke about how well they worked well together, probably because they came from the same egg. Riccaboni threw in that it sounded like Earl Sinclair logic before pulling out a Not the Momma reference that made my heart smile. Marseglia eventually threw one of the Boys under the ring, leaving him down there as he released his balloons. The Boy finally emerged wearing a yellow rain poncho and was then dragged down into a trap door/ditched that surrounded the ring. Taven and Marseglia dominated the other Boy, making quick tags and choosing to punish him as much as possible instead of going for the quick win. The Boys mounted a little bit of offense, but in the end, Marseglia hit a reverse suplex and Taven followed with a frog splash for the win. Post-match Taven hit a Bang-A-Rang on one of the Boys. He then grabbed a mic and made it clear that he was sending a message to Castle. He went on to say that Castle is ducking him and that he’s the real ROH World Champion. Taven then informed the fans that the Briscoes couldn’t make the show and that Taven and Marseglia will be in the main event, saving the company once more. Solid opener here, even if the Boys continue to seem unlikely to actually win matches, the duo has crowd support and is fun to watch. Taven and Marseglia gelled well and with the some of the shenanigans kept to a minimum, this was a fun opener.

Winners: Matt Taven & Vinny Marseglia

Flip Gordon vs. Rhett Titus
Gordon was in control early until Titus overpowered him. The two traded sunset flips attempts, with Titus missing his splash, but Gordon hitting a moonsault after thwarting Titus. Gordon went to springboard to the outside but slipped on the ropes. The crowd apparently chanted “You Flipped Up” in what Riccaboni called the most polite crowd ever. Titus beat Gordon down methodically, pausing only to mimic peeing on the crowd like a Dawg does, even using sound effects. Gordon slipped out of the World’s Doggest Slam and caught Titus with a springboard sling blade that bought him some time to gather his wits. Gordon connected with A Star-Spangled Stunner to earn the victory. Good match between these two-Titus doesn’t get enough credit, but when he has the chance to wrestle a serious match, he really shines. This was much better than it appeared on paper.

Winner: Flip Gordon

Kelly Klein & Thunder Rosa vs. Sumie Sakai & Tenille Dashwood

These have a bit of a staple on the ROH tour shows and almost every single one of the women’s tag matches have been clunky. When non-ROH talent comes in, there generally seems to be a bit of miscommunication in some way. It’s great seeing new talent, but the match type should different here from time to time. Klein starting off by refusing to wrestle Sumie until it’s for the title was a great idea in theory, but when the two clashed later in the match, the notion did not feel very important. It would be great to see the women in a four corner survival or a triple threat match. Dashwood shows no ill will towards Sumie, but at some point, one would think that she’ll be looking for a title shot. A bit of a sloppy affair here that ended when Sakai hit Smashmouth on Rosa for the win.

Winners: Sakai & Dashwood

Jay Lethal vs. TK O’Ryan
Very quick action to start off, with Lethal gaining the advantage after a hip toss dropkick combo. O’Ryan tried taking it to Lethal but fell victim to a series of chops. O’Ryan was able to connect with his own chops but quickly found himself on the outside after a springboard dropkick. Lethal went for his signature topes, but O’Ryan evaded him and almost clotheslined his head off. Back inside O’Ryan became incensed as the crowd chanted “How Ya Doin”, making a weak reference to Big Cass. O’Ryan was able to slow things down and work Lethal over with strikes, finally applying a chin lock that Lethal was able to escape easily. O’Ryan mocked Lethal with a bit of a Macho Man shimmy, climbing the ropes and going for an elbow drop, but Lethal rolled away. Lethal then Irish whipped O’Ryan into diagonal corners to times before hitting a DDT that almost earned him a three count. O’Ryan avoided a Lethal Injection and even countered a figure four with a small package, but he couldn’t avoid one more Lethal Injection. O’Ryan showed himself to be a solid singles competitor here, which is easy against Lethal, but he certainly warrants more chances such as this one further down the road.

Winner: Jay Lethal

SoCal Uncensored (Daniels, Kaz, & Sky) vs. Atlantis, Stuka Jr., & Guerrero Maya Jr
Scorpio Sky started off by telling the crowd that San Antonio is the worst town he’s ever been in, with kaz adding that the best part of San Antonio is leaving and threw in a topical reference that Kawhi Leonard asked to leave the dump as well. Daniels then called the town a diaper explosion and a dumpster fire before giving everyone permission to worship them. Atlantis and Daniels started off, keeping much of the opening matt based exchanges between the two. They eventually made way for Suka Jr. and Scorpio sky who was quickly dumped outside by Stuka. Maya and Kaz were in next and the Heavy Metal Rebel tried to play a game of cat and mouse to gain the advantage, but Maya was hip to his jive and caught him with a springboard moonsault off the second rope. Maya continued his offense with three consecutive backbreakers to all of Socal but was taken down while posing by Kaz. Socal kept Maya on their side of the ring for a spell until he hit a spear on Kaz and tagged out to Stuka. Stuka came in and took everyone out with a flash of suprising speed. Stuka tried to use Maya as a slingshot on Kaz, but the pin was broken up. Stuka tagged out to Atlantis and team CMLL was able to apply a row boat circle. Stuka hit Kaz with a moonsault to the outside while Maya took Sky out with an unseen plancha, leaving Atlantis and Daniels alone. Atlantis was then able to pick up the win after hitting Daniels with a tilt-a-world slam. This was easily one of the most fun matches on the night. Atlantis was protected here while Stuka and Guerrero Jr. really shined here.

Winners: Atlantis, Guerrero Maya Jr & Stuka Jr.

Silas Young vs. Curt Stallion
Young got in STallion’s face right away and feigned going for the code of honor, only to go for a kick to the midsection. Stallion reversed it into a German suplex that sent Young outside of the ring and quickly followed with a plancha to the outside. Young recovered quickly inside, ramming Stallion’s head in the turnbuckles before applying a chinlock while still wearing his shirt. Riccaboni and Cabana spoke to Young’s shirt wearing being indicative of which opponents he takes seriously. Young dominated, with spurts of underdog offense from Stallion that the crowd really got behind. Stallion hit an incredible Spanish Fly/Flatliner off the top rope, hurting himself more than he did Young. The two then traded forearms until Stallion went for another German, but Young rolled through and hit a knee before hitting Misery for the win. Really great to see new stars being used and Stallion definitely made the most of his effort and left to an ovation from the crowd.

Winner: Silas Young

Bully Ray, Shane Taylor, & Punishment Martinez vs. Delirious, Cheeseburger, & Hurricane Helms
J-Roc inexplicably joined commentary before this and seemed to be a huge Taylor fan throughout here-could be signaling that the two may tag together at some point. Taylor and Delirious started off, with Delirious doing his Delirious thing. Taylor was fed up and was eye poked by Delirious. Taylor retaliated with clotheslines before Burger tagged in. Burger demanded Ray came in, but he tagged right back out to Martinez, who took control over Burger and tagged Ray right back in. Burger finally tagged out to Helms after absorbing some punishment and the Hurricane took everyone out. Just as it seemed Burger, Helms and Delirious would take this one, Ray, Martinez and Taylor rallied and in the end, Martinez hit a chokeslam on Delirious for the win.

Winners: Bully Ray, Shane Taylor, & Punishment Martinez

Cody vs. Jonathan Gresham
Cody came out with his full entourage of Brandi and Burnard. He adhered to the code of honor before offering Gresham a chance to kiss the ring. Gresham responded by trying to kick him, which draw boos from the crowd. Cody got Brandi and Riccaboni to kiss the ring before the action finally got underway. Gresham outwrestled Cody to started the match, which commentary really hammered home.Cody powered his way into control using his strength and size advantage, but Gresham gained control again, working over the hand and arm as he stared at Brandi. Gresham then hammerlocked the left arm before twisting the right arm around his leg and dropping down to grab the leg and actually transition into a pin. Cody couldn’t escape

After a prolonged focus on the arm, Gresham tried for the Casita win the jackknife pin, but Cody kicked out, launching Gresham onto Todd Sinclair. Gresham then tried an Octopus stretch, but Cody escaped and almost hit a Cross Rhodes. The two then traded inside cradles, rolling around until they finally both released. Gresham followed with a deadlift German suplex bridge combination but was only able to earn a two count. Gresham went for another German, but Cody landed on his feet and connected with Cross Rhodes for the win. A really great showcase for Gresham here. Cody was able to squeak by here, but Gresham had Cody’s number for most of the match and just couldn’t put the former champion away. Cody shook Gresham’s hand before leaving the ring in a moment you normally don’t see from him and it seemed to speak to Gresham’s performance.

Winner: Cody

Bullet Club (The Young Bucks, Adam Page, & Marty Scurll) vs. Matt Taven, Vinny Marseglia & Killer Elite Squad
Taven started off against Scurll, quickly taking control with a side headlock. Scurll escaped and applied a wrist lock as the two engaged in quick reversals. There was a heavyweight stare down between the Bucks and KES that led to an all-out brawl, with everyone eventually spilling to the outside. Taven took the entire crowd out, save Scurll who hit a kick off the apron to Taven. Archer teased a dive only to stop short and was superkicked for his troubles. Page then hit a moonsault that prompted Riccaboni to break out in a lovely rendition of “I believe I can Fly” which brought a tear to my eye. The Bullet Club was in control, shaking ropes and having a good time before Page tightrope walked the top rope before catching Taven with an eye gouge. Archer grew frustrated and he and Smith worked Matt on the outside as the Kingdom took control on the inside. Archer went to spit water in Scurll’s face, but Scurll blocked it with his umbrella. Marseglia popped a balloon in Marty’s ear, but it wasn’t enough to save himself from a triple assisted Rite of Passage, with Page picked up the pinfall victory.

Winners: The Young Bucks, Adam Page, & Marty Scurll

Credit: PWPonderings

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