Scott D’Amore on Booking The Rock for His Only Indie Appearance, Relationship with TNA, More

Scott D’Amore on Booking The Rock for His Only Indie Appearance, Relationship with TNA, More

Hi there, Jake here. Another edition of the Podcast Recap, this time around is Colt Cabana’s Art Of Wrestling, which can be found here. This week has Scott D’Amore, he was most known from his work with Team Canada in TNA.

Art Of Wrestling ep. 321 with Scott D’Amore

Colt starts the podcast by talking about how his body hurt from doing three moonsaults in a row during his ROH tour. Colt said that right now during his ROH run he is teaming with Dalton Castle.

The podcast starts off talking about how often each man cusses. They both admit that they cuss more when they are around wrestling. Colt brings up that swearing is a way to get cheap heat and the older he gets the less he swears. D’Amore says old school wrestlers never really swore in front of the crowd. In the back they swear all the time.

Scott says that he was a jobber in WCW and ended up doing some office work while he was 18 years old. He says that he gained the ability to work in the office because he always kept a sheet of paper in his back pocket and that led to the idea that he had some power. He does admit that his nickname was “The Stooge’s Stooge”, but he did get a raise from Hulk Hogan.

The story goes, Scott brought jobbers down to the shows. He ended up bringing well built jobbers and Hogan wanted those guys to make Hulks opponents look good. Hulk said “if my opponents look good, then I look good when I beat them.”

They talk about the old mentality was “don’t be a jobber, because you’ll never make it if you’re a jobber” D’Amore stated that because he was a jobber he was able to get drunk with Arn and Flair. He says that Arn was drunk one night and called him a Jay-bron and Scott was stoked that Arn even acknowledged him.

Scott brings up working in the indies in the 90’s. He said that if you had tights and boots, you were a wrestler. He said he was overweight so he went and tanned because “tanned fat is better than white fat.” They talked about how tanning back in the day took 45-90 minutes.”

D’Amore talked about how he had his first match and won it. It was an accident, his opponent Otis Apollo lost because he forgot to kick out. Scott said that the locker rooms wouldn’t talk to each other and they listened to a tape telling them the finishes to find out how the match was going to end. Doing that made them call it in the ring and become better wrestlers.

Scott brings up how he used to make fun of guys that would write down their spots, and then 10 years later Kurt Angle would blow up his phone with spot ideas. He finds it funny how much the wrestling world, behind the scenes, has changed.

D’Amore brings up that he doesn’t get any credit in TNA. He said that he is still on good terms with ‘Big’ and Dixie but he just isn’t acknowledged on TNA television. Then Scott said that Disco Inferno bet D’Amore that Scott wouldn’t double leg takedown Jeff Jarrett the first time they met. Scott did in fake take down Double J with a double leg.

Scott says he liked to be heel his whole life. Even when he was 7, during T-Ball, he hit a kid in the face with his glove and the parents started booing him. He said even as a kid he thought that was “cool as hell.”

D’Amore talked about being a producer in TNA and how he pitched the TNA World Cup and was in charge of the Knockouts. Scott said Jeff Jarrett made D’Amore in charge of Team Canada. D’Amore talks about how he wanted to be a different type of manager but his “natural buffoonery” led to him being a manager that had the Canadian Flag on a hockey stick and spoke with a French accent when he was mad, even though he was Italian.

Scott then brings up that he got to grapple with Dan Severn. He said that they did work/shoot matches around the U.S. and Japan and he got paid $1,500 to take no bumps. D’Amore brought up that he is able to do The Canadian Destroyer and he had to refuse to do it in Then he had to do the Canadian Destroyer in Japan because The Great Muta heard that Scott could do it, and Scott couldn’t tell Muta no.

Then he starts talking about running promotions in Canada and he was able to book The Rock on The Rock’s only ever indie appearance. D’Amore said that The Rock blew his knee out at a live show the same week. Rock had to call Vince and tell him that he couldn’t be at home because Rock’s wife would “make him do gardening.” So Vince said Rock could go and do whatever he wanted. Scott was good friends with D’Lo Brown, so Rock got D’Lo and Mark Henry to go to the indie show with him. Rock shows up to the show that was about 1,000 people. The Rock sold a bunch of polaroids and 8×10’s and then told Scott that he wanted to have a tag match. The Rock ended up wrestling up against Scott.

They then plug Scott’s company Border City Wrestling.

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