Sting vs. The Rock at WrestleMania 31?, Update on Sting vs. The Undertaker

Posted by Eric Arrington April 22, 2014 6 Comments 14626 views

When asking around WWE, it’s said that Sting vs. The Undertaker is “still up in the air” for WrestleMania 31 because of so many unknown factors – Sting’s in-ring future, The Undertaker’s health and more. It’s said that Taker isn’t even ready to begin thinking about doing the match as he’s still recovering from this year.

We noted before that The Rock could end up facing Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31. A possible match with Rock vs. Sting has also been brought up at least once. Word is that both Rock and Sting are interested in the match but it’s unknown if WWE officials are interested.

  • Clinton Lewis

    I don’t care if Rock ever wrestles again. The whole storyline comments and attitude Cena brought up years back saying that “if your gonna come back, then come back, don’t show up for raw then disappear for 9 months” and expect a damned title match at Wrestlemania. It’s a blatant kick in the face the the fans for a movie star that makes millions. Along those lines I’m equally sick and tired of hearing about Lesnar. It was a mistake to bring that dumbass back, and he’s pulling the same thing Rock did, have a big match then disappear. If Sting is ever going to actually sign a contract, he has to start wrestling NOW, not somewhere down the line leading to wrestlemania31. I don’t understand the logic to send out rumors of him signing then never using him till the last minute. Either he can still wrestle or he can’t, if so then put him in matches so we can have a buildup… hell have HIM go against Evolution, then maybe a match at 31 against taker and call it a retirement match or something, and let these Icons go happily with huge paychecks. The new blood is here and I for one am getting tired of all the attention being on part time movie stars and people that have no respect for the business or the path that was blazed for them.

    • blake

      Boo hoo Quit being a jerk brock lesnar the man and the future of wwe your jealous so like a former legend ric flair would say you got beat the man to be the man and brock lesnar did just that? So like the animal Batista would say DEAL WITH OR QUIT WATCHING WWE BECAUSE BROCK LESNAR GOING INTO THE WWE HAll OF FAME FOR BEATING THE DEADMAN AND ENDING THE STREAK AND AMONG OTHER THINGS HE DONE FOR WWE IN THE PAST? So DEAL WITH HATER? IM Brock lesnar Fan long time since he start wwe and went into the UFC and come back to wwe and beat everybody in his path? Like it or hated it DEAL WITH OR Quit watching wwe?

      • Maybe movement

        @blake: I hope English isn’t your first language. If it is you may want to head back to school.

    • Age of Dragon 12

      @Clinton Lewis: you sir are an idiot and i am sorry that you do not understand the value brock lesnar brings to the ring. He got match of the year with punk and every match he has done since he returned has been a 4 star or higher match. Also the rock loves the business. He makes more doing movies then he ever could performing the rest of his career in a ring so its not about money its about family heritage.

  • Taker Fan

    I also am tired of so called Legends getting instant title shots. I am glad Batista did not win the one he was in. Am thinking they will have Sting win the Rumble match which is BS