WWE Talking Smack Recap – 1/10/17

Posted by Michael Berg January 11, 2017 0 Comment 469 views

Talking Smack tonight was eventful and opened with Renee Young and Shane McMahon sitting down with Becky Lynch and Smackdown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss.  The conversation centered on their steel cage match next week on Smackdown for the Women’s title.  Honestly, I wasn’t sold on Alexa Bliss when she took the title from Becky, I think Becky is the superior talent, but Alexa has become spectacular on the mic.  She delivered more excellent promo material tonight on Talking Smack, while Becky resorted to more cliches.  Becky did manage to deliver a “See you next Tuesday” to Alexa, which was interesting.  Overall I think we are in for a hell of a match next week inside of a steel cage for the women’s title.

Next up was Mojo Rawley.  He talked about how Zack Ryder is going to be out for a long time and he plans on going solo from here on out.  The most interesting thing in his conversation was that he has an MBA (what?) and his best friends are the Gronkowski’s.  Apparently Papa Gronk is friends with the former IRS, Mike Rotunda, and got Mojo into WWE.  The rest of the segment was spent building up Mojo for his singles run.  Nothing groundbreaking, but get ready for some Mojo coming soon on Smackdown.

Dolph Ziggler joined Renee and Shane to discuss what’s next for Dolph Ziggler.  This was an awesome segment.  This furthered Ziggler’s heel turn but did it in such a unique way.  He didn’t come out and bash fans or baby faces to get cheap heat. He came out and delivered a slow burn promo that made complete sense.  He is developing a character that has edge, anger and frustration, but is still a character people appreciate and cheer for.  Dolph Ziggler in my mind is one of the best performers the WWE has in the ring and on the mic.  He reminds me very much of a young Shawn Michaels.  I think the guy is immensely talented and entertaining.  This turn is just what he needs to refresh his career.  He also took this opportunity to enter the Royal Rumble match.  A great segment and one that was a great bookend to Alex Bliss and Becky Lynch beginning the show.