TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 12/8/2016

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We open with a video package hyping tonight’s TNA World Title match between Eddie Edwards and Ethan Carter III, then we go to the arena as the new Grand Champion, Moose comes out to the ring with mic in hand. The fans inform him that he deserves it, and he soaks that in for a moment before telling us that he devoted himself to team sports his entire life, and they played for one goal: championships. The TNA Grand Championship is the first major title he ever won, and he didn’t do it alone: the fans who chanted his name helped get him there. He swears to be a fighting champion, but then Drew Galloway’s music hits and he comes out to have a word with the new champion and introduce himself. He wants Moose to say his name, and the fans helpfully chant it for him, but Moose says he knows exactly who he is, he’s the man who interrupted him: Drew Galloway. Galloway says he’s back, and he reminds us how he carried the load of the company on his back, and it broke him just before he got to the finals of the Grand Championship tournament. As far as he’s concerned, Moose has been playing the preseason, and nothing that has happened with that title counts until he gets in the ring with him. He offers to face him for the title and asks if they can burn this bitch to the ground, and Moose says that if the fans want to see him whip Drew Galloway’s ass right now, to chant his name. The fans are all for it, but here comes Aron Rex to tell Drew that he’d come down and shake his hand, but he doesn’t want to injure him. While Drew was away, he became the best Grand Champion until Moose blindsided him and stole the title. He gets a rematch, and he wants it right now…but we go to commercial before we get an answer!

We’re back and our first match is just starting…

Grand Championship Match: Moose vs Aron Rex

Moose hammers Rex to start, but then Rex gets one of his suspiciously effective punches to knock Moose out to the floor. Rex picks up Moose, who is dead weight, and gets him in the ring to cover him for 2. Rex locks Moose down with a rear chinlock, Moose gets out but is put back down with a back elbow for 2. Moose unloads with some chops, but Rex slides to the floor to run down the clock on Round 1, which he wins by unanimous decision.

Round 2 begins with Rex rubbing his hands with the suspicious towel, and he goes right to grab Moose’s face, but winds up on the receiving end of a series of punches from Moose until he bails to the apron. Moose reaches for him and gets a handful of whatever is (allegedly) on Rex’s hands, blinding him. Rex puts the boots to Moose and covers him for a series of 2 counts. Moose tries to escape to the floor, but Rex throws him back into the ring and gets a rear chinlock. Moose fights his way free, but takes a knee to the midsection and Rex puts him down again and connects with a series of elbowdrops for 2. He continues putting the boots to Moose until the bell rings to end the round, which Rex again wins by unanimous decision.

Now Moose has to pin or submit Rex to win the match, and he goes right after Rex, drilling him with a big dropkick and turning him inside out with the Game Changer for the win.

Winner: Moose

Good match, I really like the stories they’re able to tell with these matches. Moose retains, and now it looks like Drew Galloway is next on the horizon for him.

Eddie Edwards is backstage saying that people like to say it’s a little bit of fate and a little bit of luck that gave him the title, but his never say die attitude was what brought it home. He has the title on his shoulder, but there’s a chip there too. He knows EC3 has come close to that title over and over for the last year, but tonight won’t be his night because fate is on his side.

Drew Galloway is backstage saying that this was the fault of the company for putting him at the back of the line after breaking his back for this place. He’s still the captain around here and he knows what’s best for this company, even if they don’t. He’ll have gold very soon, and we can count on that.

Mandrews vs Aiden O’Shea

Well, this is an interesting matchup. Mandrews tries to use his speed to duck around O’Shea and catch him with quick punches and kicks, but O’Shea catches him on a crossbody attempt and powerslams him. Mandrews goes to the eyes, but that just pisses off O’Shea, who drills him with a headbutt and launches him across the ring with a hiptoss. O’Shea hammers Mandrews with forearms on the apron, but Mandrews dodges one and O’Shea drills the apron. O’Shea dodges a baseball slide and knocks Mandrews on his ass with a big right hand. Mandrews gets tossed back into the ring and yells at Mandrews, then floors him with another headbutt when he gets back to his feet. Mandrews finally connects with a leaping enziguiri and comes off the top with a shooting star press for the win.

Winner: Mandrews

Well, that was a weird booking decision. Makes O’Shea look ridiculous for losing to someone half his size, and Mandrews shouldn’t be beating someone like him clean after turning on DJ Z last week.

Strap Match: The Tribunal vs Mahabali Shera & Al Snow

The fight starts in the aisle and then the bell rings to officially start the match when they head inside. The Tribunal is in firm control, putting the boots to Snow and Shera and choking them with the straps. This continues until Shera fires up and starts plowing over both of the Tribunal and gives Snow the opening to make a comeback as well. Now they’re the ones whipping the Tribunal with the straps, then they go to the corners. Snow and Shera get to 5, the Tribunal tries to stop them, but Snow and Shera dump them to the floor and hit the sixth turnbuckles to get the win.

Winners: Al Snow & Mahabali Shera

This was a terrible match, and it made the Tribunal look bad by losing to them.

Back to the Hardy Compound, where Matt has nightmares about deleting, and he wakes up with a look on his face that tells us that he has had a most glorious revelation. He starts chanting the names of the Seven Deities as we go to commercial.

EC3 says that Eddie talked about luck, but he doesn’t believe in luck, he believes in fate, and that it’s his fate to win the World Title. Eli Drake comes in and stares him down, and EC3 says he knows Drake has a million things running through his head right now and to say them. Eli Drake motions a choke at EC3, but EC3 says he’s not going to choke tonight, he’s winning the World Championship.

The BROKEN Hardys come out with Reby and King Maxel (who the fans chant for), and Matt says he knows everyone has heard the rumors, and it’s true because in seven days, he will present the biggest match in history. It’s so big that Dixie Carter couldn’t promote it, Mick Mahonn can’t promote it, even Hey Man can’t promote it, but in seven days, from the Hardy Compound in Cameron, North Carolina, it’ll be Total Nonstop Deletion! All our favorites will be there: Senor Benjamin, Vanguard-1, and from the Zone of Impact Fans, his son King Maxel! Matt gets on his knee and tells King Maxel that he will be making his Impact in-ring debut in seven days, and the fans chant for Maxel again. Matt says on that evening, it will be the most massive Tag Team Deletion ever seen…APOCALYPTO! They will defend their title against all the tag teams across space and time, every legendary tag team can show up at the Hardy Compound and they will DELETE DELETE DELETE, because it will be Total…Nonstop…DELETION! Shane Helms comes out and allows himself to be the first to accept the offer, and he’ll bring the Helms Dynasty to be there. Matt says they will be DELETED! Now Decay comes out as well, as Jesus Christ, Crazzy Steve is RIPPED! Rosemary says they haven’t forgotten what happened at the Great War, and they may have had to call a tactical retreat, but now they have the Knockouts Title in the clutches of a demon, and to get it, they forced the great Gail Kim into retirement and destroyed her handpicked warrior of light, Jade. Matt is smiling a big crazy grin as Abyss reminds the Hardys that they are the death dealers, and says not to make them come back to BEAUTIFUL Cameron to take what’s theirs. Steve says that if they haven’t realized it by now, Decay is a neverending nightmare. The last time they came to Cameron, they took their child, and that was for fun. Next time, they’ll take EVERYTHING. Matt says that they just needed to accept the challenge, but they ARE demons and they’re not too bright, but they accept because next week will be Total Nonstop Deletion! Matt leads the fans in a TND chant, then says they will DELETE DELETE DELETE! Helms is in the ring yelling at Decay, then he turns around and eats a Twist of Fate from BROKEN Matt as we go to commercial.

The DCC is in the DCC Command Center to let us know that they are intrigued by BROKEN Matt Hardy’s offer, and accept the challenge to come to the Hardy Compound next week.

Allie vs Loren Von Niles

Maria mocks Allie for not knowing how to wrestle before the match, but Allie reveals that she does know how to wrestle because she’s been trained by Braxton Sutter. Lupe is NOT happy to discover this and attacks Allie, but Allie shows what she had early on by hitting a series of armdrags, and Lakeisha takes advantage with some heel tactics, but Allie started to mount a comeback. Mike Bennett comes out and attacks Sutter, and they brtawl to the back, distracting Allie so Lulu can attack her from behind. That only lasts a moment until Allie hits a deathdrop for the win.

Winner: Allie

Maria is livid and tries to attack Maria after the match, but Allie sees her coming and chases her off.

We see a video package hyping the main event, then we go backstage where Allie and Braxton Sutter are all excited over her win. Sutter says Allie just proved she can do anything, so Allie kisses him and runs off.

We see a hype package for Total Nonstop Deletion, and then it’s MAIN EVENT TIME!

TNA World Title Match: Eddie Edwards vs Ethan Carter III

Basic feeling out stuff to start, Eddie hits a shining wizard for 2, then EC3 mounts a comeback and knocks Eddie out to the floor. Eddie takes a long count before getting back up to the apron where EC3 suplexes him back into the ring and covers for 2 as we go to commercial.

We’re back and EC3 is in control, but he tries a top rope TK3 and Eddie counters to a super Frankensteiner. Eddie with a series of back elbows and chops, but EC3 responds with some hard hitting offense of his own. Eddie knocks EC3 to the floor and KILLS him with a dive through the ropes. DAMN he hit hard. They go back inside and Eddie quickly covers for 2, then he heads to the top rope for the double stomp. EC3 avoids it and hits a powerbomb, then lifts Eddie off the mat and hits a sitout powerbomb for 2. Eddie is up and now he hits a blue thunder bomb for 2. Eddie heads back to the top, EC3 goes up with him and hits a superplex, but Eddie cradles him when they hit and gets 2. Eddie with an enziguiri, EC3 responds with a hard clothesline, and both men are down. Now they’re up and trading hard chops, Eddie hits the ropes and right into EC3’s sleeper, Eddie rolls out of that, Eddie hits a facebuster, Eddie responds with the Boston Knee Party, and EC3 rolls out to the floor to avoid getting pinned. Eddie hits a dive, but EC3 holds onto Eddie, lifts him off the ground, pops him onto his shoulders, and hits a TK3 on the floor. Both men are down, but slowly stir and EC3 picks Eddie up and dumps him into the ring. EC3 goes for the 1%, Eddie counters to a rollup for 2, and transitions right into the Achilles Lock. EC3 is fighting for his life and makes it to the ropes. Eddie eats a boot to the face from EC3, but Eddie connects with one of his own and hits the Backpack Driver for 2, but leaves himself wide open for the rear naked choke…and Eddie rolls EC3 onto his shoulders and the referee counts 3 as Eddie taps out.

The referee confers with Jeremy Borash, who declares that the tapout and the three count happened at the same time, so…


EC3 is NOT happy with that outcome and storms to the back after chewing the referee out. We see one last promo for next week’s Total Nonstop Deletion, and then we call it a week.

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