Today I Learned… WWE NXT 11/2/2016

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Hi there, Jake here! I am a tad behind on recapping NXT and the World Series is to blame for that. I only watch one baseball game a year and this year was Game 7. After extra innings and a rain delay I fell asleep. It is the first thing in the morning so let’s get to NXT.

This week is continuing the build to the day before Survivor Series. That day will have Takeover:Toronto as an event and the matches are coming together nicely. We have Bobby Roode vs. Tye Dillinger in the battle of the narcissistic characters. We have a NXT Woman’s Championship match with champion Asuka taking on a returning Mickie James. Shinsuke Nakamura will defend his NXT Championship against Samoa Joe in a rematch. Finally, there will be new Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Champions crowned as the tournament will come to a close in Toronto. To get to that final match we need to have some more matches though, and those take place tonight.

Today I Learned… NXT Episode 361 on 11/2/2016

*Another backstage interviewer Charly Caruso breaks down the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic or “DRTTC”. We have four second round matches that will be discussed because some of them happened on road shows in California. Roderick Strong and Austin Aries vs. TM-61 is shown.

Roderick Strong and Austin Aries vs. TM-61

*This was filmed in San Jose, California. I figured we would get highlights, but we are getting a full fledged match.

*Aries comes out in street clothes and not his ring gear. That is because he got injured.

*TM-61 make their entrance in Blake and Murphy shirts. To those that haven’t followed my writing, I refer to those shirts as Blake and Murphy shirts because during the whole teams run as champions they only wore those shirts.

*Aries says that he can’t compete and tells TM-61 to forfeit because they would have lost anyway. William Regal comes out to make some sense of this. Regal says that Aries can compete next week except tonight will be a singles match and the winner of the singles match will have their team advance to the semi-finals.

so… Roderick Strong vs. Shane Thorne

*Graves points out that Roddy is better known as a singles competitor so it will be more difficult for Thorne.

*The lighting of this venue is less on the crowd and more on the ring, it gives it a classic wrestling feel and reminds me that no matter what happens in what venue, NXT will always stand out from the main roster.

*Shane Thorne gets most of his signature moves in early and the match changes gear after Aries distracts Shane and Roddy is able to do a top turnbuckle backbreaker. Charlotte should watch this match to learn how to do that move because that was the move she screwed up at Summerslam.

*Thorne even things up with a dropkick that Tom Phillips and Corey Graves gush over. The comeback does not last long because Roderick continues his backbreaking practices. Corey Graves says Strong has more backbreakers in his arsenal than Jelly Belly has flavored Jellybeans

*Shane and Roddy do something that Alberto Del Rio could never do and that is make the corner double stomp look organic.

*This match is building with bigger moves on top of bigger moves. We get falcon arrows and huge powerbombs. We get kicks to the and nearfalls. The match ends after Roddy was distracted from Nick Miller and Austin Aries jaw jacking. A rollup does the honors of being the finishing maneuver.

#DIY vs. The Revival

*This match is taking place in Full Sail at the NXT Arena

*Gargano and Ciampa have a new entrance video that is red and black themed while they where blue and white shirts.

*Dawson and Wilder come out and guess what? There is a theme with this tournament. See Ibushi and Itami were supposed to be a team but Itami got injured. Aries and Strong had Aries get injured. Now, The Revival has Scott Dawson coming out on crutches. 3/16 teams so far have had injuries. That puts over how intense this tournament is.

*Dawson says his injury consists of “a strained ACL, sprained MCL, torn labrum and a broken meniscus.” Dawson says that the doctor told him a normal ‘jamoke’ would be crippled. The doctor supposedly called Scott “100% Grade A Southern Beef”

*Dawson says that The Revival will now forfeit and pull out of the DRTTC.

*This would have been their third match. DIY won the first match, The Revival won the second. This makes me think that the final and third match will happen at the Takeover in January because having The Revival be the tag champs and DIY winning the Classic is a perfect set-up for their third match.

Cedric Alexander talks about how he has developed a mean streak because of ‘Cien’ Almas.

Authors of Pain w/ Paul Ellering vs. Rich Swann and No Way Jose

*This is from San Jose, California.

*Not having a video on WWE’s Youtube page makes me think this match isn’t worth highlights. AoP have crushed all their competition.

*Corey Graves talks about at bars and clubs in California and how they lose their minds when Swann and Jose show up.

*Jose is able to hang a little bit with the AoP. When Swann came in the story changed to Rich diving out of the way and hitting a series of strikes, staying quick. He sold it like he was surprised he could land these moves on the AoP. We even had Swann being held by both men and Jose jumping on them to the outside.

*Once AoP caught Swann and left Jose on the apron they began to dominate the match.

*Akam & Rezar are the names of the AoP, not sure who is who, but while they were taunting, Paul Ellering started choking Swann. That is great because no way does AoP need the help, but they get the help, that creates frustration and boo’s from the audience.

*The hot tag to Jose was built by having Swann take a beating, then hit two consecutive enziguri’s and avoid an elbow drop to get the tag.

*Jose was able to get Akam up for the TKO and had a believeable nearfall. AoP got it together and got the win with ‘The Last Chapter’ which is a Russian leg sweep/lariat combination.

*It was nice to see them get beat up a bit because when #DIY takes it to AoP, it will be more believable since we have now seen them in trouble. I don’t get why WWE’s Youtube didn’t put a video clip up.

TJ Perkins and Kota Ibushi vs. SAnitY

*SAnitY’s entrance is controlled chaos. The music and the lights and the smoke gives off an enigmatic sense of urgency and then they slowly walk to the ring and are calm with their movements. Then they unmask on the apron and all do little eccentric ticks that set them apart from eachother. It’s mesmerizing. It’s like in Demolition Man as a wrestling stable.

*Even as Alexander Wolff wrestles, like applies a headlock. He makes quick facial expressions and will switch how the hold is applied to create a frantic feeling. They are like futuristic meth addicted wrestling savants.

*TJ does a nice transition of a pin to a kneebar, the only problem is he has to pin a certain way to do it, which gives away the transition before it happens.

*How TJ and Ibushi wreslte is really good for a team. When you wrestle Ibushi you need to worry about fierce strikes and stand up defense, but when Perkins is in the ring he is all about submissions and high flying. Their styles are so different and they both are so quick that it is really hard to defend, let alone defeat them.

*Sawyer Fulton is a mountain of a man and catches TJP. He slams Perkins’ back onto the apron. TJ should be fine because there is a springboard dropkick that TJ does where he lands on the apron from a higher height.

*Nikki Cross and Eric Young on the outside provide something to the match as well. To keep us thinking SAnitY is crazy they are passionately enjoying when offense from their team is applied. As well as, show intense anger when their team is losing. Fulton on the apron is biting the ropes while staring blankly at Wolff applying a chinlock.

*Ibushi got tagged and hit an array of moves to finish with a Golden Star powerbomb, he would have won but Young and Cross distracted the referee. Ibushi ended up getting pinned after SAnitY hit their finish which doesn’t have a name.

Results Recap

Shane Thorne def. Roderick Strong for TM-61 to advance to the semi-finals for the DRTTC

#DIY def. The Revival by forfeit to advance to the semi-finals for the DRTTC

The Authors of Pain def. Rich Swann and No Way Jose to advance to the semi-finals for the DRTTC

SAnitY def. TJ Perkins and Kota Ibushi to advance to the semi-finals for the DRTTC

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