Today I Learned… on WWE NXT 10/5/2016

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Hi there, Jake here! We are cruising into NXT’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic with this most recent episode of NXT. The 357th episode takes place on October 5th, 2016. Lately with NXT, we have seen an influx of talent from the Cruiserweight Classic, as well as familiar faces from TNA and maybe soon ROH.

Today I Learned… On NXT

*I still miss Dusty Rhodes, it’s not like I ever knew him, but his impact on me does not go unnoticed. I’m glad we have something to remember him by annually.

*There is some bearded gentlemen as the ring announcer now.

Round 1 in the Dusty Classic

Bollywood Boyz vs. The Authors of Pain w/ Paul Ellering

*These Bollywood guys are edgy because they spell their name with a ‘Z’.

*Everytime I hear the AoP music, I feel like I know how the match will end.

*I am surprised that the Bollywood Boyz got any offense in, let alone more than a minutes worth.

*Does our opinion on the Bollywood Boyz change at all after a match with AoP? It’s not like we think they are any weaker than before the match. They still lost, but it was to The Authors of Pain you know?

Another Dan Matha video, he looks to be debuting tonight.

Rich Swan vs. Patrick Clark

*Corey Graves was in a good mood when the Bollywood Boyz came out, and then Swan makes his entrance and Corey said he is in a good mood again. Corey Graves conceited behavior is lifted with dancing.

*Patrick Clark has a Prince/Adrian Street type character now.

*Tom Phillips says GIF like “Jif” , it’s a hard ‘G’ Tom the ‘G’ in Graphics Interchange Format is a hard ‘G’. 

*The crowd chants “Can You Handle This? Canyou handlethis?” and in the breaks of the chant some other fans chant “All Night Long

*Graves and Phillips dance around outright calling Patrick gay, but they say things like “has lots of pizzazz” and “that’s a good word for it.”

*Clark dominates much of the match and the crowd was firmly behind Swann throughout.

*Swann won with a handspring into a standing backflip and instantly after his theme song hit, the crowd got to clapping and singing.

*Swann busts out the JYD Dance, which is always fun

*Peyton Royce and Billie Kay made fun of Liv Morgan.. So they are a thing now.

Peyton Royce vs. Danielle Kamela

*I am unfamiliar with Danielle Kamela, but she got her own entrance, so she must be prominent.

*Peyton Royce does some rope submission where Danielle is being choked on the middle rope, as Royce sits on Kamela’s back and holds one of Danielle’s arms behind her neck… Then Peyton leans back.. It looks atrocious. Like, painful.

*Peyton is nasty in all of her maneuvers. She seems to have no regard for Danielle’s well being and it does wonders for the match.

*Royce wins easily and her and Billy Kay start to show some dominance in the woman’s division. Asuka needs hard hitting rivals, and these two could be those women.

Perfectly Glorious Interview

*Tye is weirded out by Bobby Roode. As Dillinger tries to talk about how much Dusty meant to him, Bobby does a Glorious pose and it let’s us in on the idea that Tye and Bobby might clash as a team.

*Roode changed the team name to Glorious 10.

Dan Matha gets beat up

*Matha has the same type of ravy music as most of the woman’s division.

*No opponent for Matha as Joe comes down and destroys the big man.

*This may seem like a burial of new talent but it adds to the story of Joe destroying “Regal’s Show” because William Regal will not strip Nakamura of the belt. Joe promised he would destroy people until Joe gets the title. Regal is debuting new talent and Joe won’t let it happen.

*Joe bragged about taking out the “future of NXT”. The crowd yelled for Regal and nothing happened, outside of Joe dropping rhymes like “tic-tock, tic-tock/how many more are going to get rocked?”

*Joe warns things will escalate if he doesn’t have the belt in one week. Can’t wait for those rhymes.

No Way Jose and Rich Swann Interview

*These guys are teammates because they both respect each other and like to have fun. They both say people under estimate them. They end it with a chant of “Can You Handle This.. No Way Jose”.


Almas and Alexander vs. The Revival

*I mean c’mon, we kind of know who will win. You can’t have The Revival call themselves “Top Guys” and be champions lose in the first round.

*Cedric Alexander is a star! From the entrance music, to the commentary, to the reaction. It’s well deserved too!

*The Revival were overwhelmed, but after a quick high-five outside of the ring. They got back to being in control of the match. That is all it takes for these guys to get fired up.

*NXT knows how to do tag team wrestling. The announcers point out that Alexander and Almas entered the ring separately, meaning they aren’t seeing themselves as a true team. That leads into the match where The REvival keep taking control of the match through isolation of their opponent and tandem offense. The match shows us that a team will do better in a tag team match. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

*Almas was getting decimated and the crowd was chanting “We Want Cedric”.. The Revival know how to get everyone interested in their match, and feel how fans are supposed to feel. They are so so talented.

*Andrade Almas decided to beat the crap out of Cedric Alexander. If you’re going to turn someone heel, best they do it by beating up Cedric, he is on fire right now and has 100% of crowd support.

*Show ends with Almas being showered in boo’s and “you suck” chants while he drinks it in while on his knees atop the ramp.

The Authors of Pain def. The Bollywood Boyz (Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic First Round Match)

Rich Swann def. Patrick Clark

Peyton Royce def. Danielle Kamela

Samoa Joe interrupted Dan Matha’s debut

NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival def. Cedric Alexander & Andrade “Cien” Almas (Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic First Round Match)

That was the show! Things are definitely picking up and characters are developing. This is going to be a fun ride!

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