Today I Learned… Raw Talk 10/30/2016

Today I Learned… Raw Talk 10/30/2016

Hi there, Jake here! I will be taking a look at the brand new WWE show “Raw Talk” it’s like Talking Smack but for Raw. The debut episode follows Hell in a Cell and has Jerry Lawler, Booker T, Lita and is hosted by Renee Young.

Today I Learned.. Raw Talk 10/30/2016

*Renee welcomes us and introduces everyone as Lawler says this is a “first time ever”.

*Match of the Night is the first question- Booker T says Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks, Lita also says Charlotte and Sasha and starts tearing up about how proud she is of those girls. Renee states that Lita never cries and the camera cuts away. Jerry Lawler says Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins.

Roman Reigns comes in and Lita leaves.

*He mentions that he is proud of the Raw team and he is sore. Roman says Blue Team has a lot of work to do and Renee reiterates that she is still Blue Team.

*Roman says he respects Rusev now and was happy that all three cell matches were able to tell three different stories.

*Jerry Lawler asked Roman if this as the “blow off match” with him and Rusev.

*Booker and Roman talk about how he gets huge reactions. It doesn’t matter if it is cheering or boo’ing. Roman calls Seth Rollins his little brother and says he is able to beat Owens. “God gave me broad shoulders, I got one belt here and I could get another one here.”

*Renee Young said “Booyakasha” and then turns the conversation to being effected by boo’s. Jerry Lawler talks about when he first started, a lesson he was taught is to not single out who is boo’ing you. Booker states that some people do and some people don’t. Sometimes you want to get boo’d.


Cruiserweight Champion Brian Kendrick shows up and Lawler leaves.

*Kendrick told everyone that it is “Thee Brian Kendrick” not “Brian Kendrick”. He says that tonight was a culmination of years of hardwork. He said now that he has stayed out of trouble, he is an inspiration all the kids need and played TJ Perkins like a fiddle. Brian says he doesn’t need anyone to help him win.

*Booker says Perkins is soft and he doesn’t feel sorry for him. “You can’t be a winner with that attitude.” Booker states that winning a tournament is different than keeping the title.

*Booker asks how Brian can defend the title when he has obviously lost a step. Brian said he “didn’t come onto the show to be insulted.” Brian says “I am the smartest guy in this locker room.”

*Lita asks how he has changed from Spanky to who he is today. Brian said he had to force change because “it’s fun to be a troublemaker, but funner to be champion.” He tells Lita that he has yet to cheat in any of his matches.

*Brian said “I am above the law now! I am a champion! Are you kidding me? I am going to be rich in no time!” Kendrick said he knew that Perkins had too big of a heart and that’s how Kendrick countered.

*Booker then says that Kendrick hasn’t answered the question. That he has lost a step. Kendrick keeps saying no he has only gotten smarter and he worked at it. Booker keeps doubting Kendrick’s abilities especially crying and begging Perkins to lay down and lose for Kendrick. Kendrick said that was all part of his plan.

*Booker forget TJP’s name. “TJ Parker, TJ Pickins, TJ Perkins”

Bayley showed up for hugs and Jerry Lawler.

*Bayley first asks to get a bag of ice for her shoulder. Then says she wants to accomplish “everything”

*Booker looks at Bayley and says “Whatchu know about Magnum T.A.?” Bayley said “quite the mustache.”

*Lita asks Bayley how she feels on being on the outskirts of conversation as the best women in the company. Bayley says she has always been the one that had to work a bit harder. Bayley says not being the best pushes and motivates her to turn into the best. Whenever the roads get tough she gets tougher.

*Booker then asks “how does it feel that Sasha Banks and Charlotte made history tonight and you’re sitting here with ice on your shoulder.” Bayley says it won’t be the last Hell in a Cell, Charlotte is champion and I just came off a win. Lita says she relates to Bayley because Lita’s counterpart was Trish so Lita was always second best.

*Bayley says she thinks she might have been able to beat Charlotte tonight.

*Renee asks Bayley what the message she is trying to say. Bayley is being very timid and can’t really cut the promo the panel is looking for and they make her do a “take 2” and Booker cuts a damn promo talking about what he would say and Bayley ends up telling Charlotte that she will call Bayley “daddy.”

Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho show up and kick Bayley off the show unless she wants to be on the list. Lita leaves and so does Bayley. Owens took Lawler’s phone and Jericho put Renee on the list for wearing a David S. Pumpkins shirt.

*Jericho yells at Cesaro for crotch chopping him so, Cesaro is on the list.

*Renee warns KO to not look through The King’s phone. Owens said it was password protected.

*Jericho puts over Owens for winning the match. They joke that it will be changed from “The Kevin Owens Show” or the “Chris and Kevin Show” or “Kevin and Chris Show”.

*Jericho puts some more people on the list. Owens says that Renee is on Smackdown! so why is she on this Raw show. Jericho says that they only cross brands at Survivor Series. He wants JBL instead of Renee.

*As Booker is trying to be serious and ask questions. Owens answers The King’s phone because “Mike” is calling and is mad that Mike doesn’t know Owens’ voice. Mike hangs up on Owen’s and then Clyde calls so Jericho answers and tells Clyde that he is now on “The List”. Lawler ends up getting his phone.

*Booker gets back to his question of “Are you Kevin Owens, and Jericho ‘Bosom Buddies”? Jericho mentions the Tom Hanks show. Booker has the show replay Kevin and Chris celebrating with a kiss in the cell. They agree they are best friends and that Jericho is his security blanket.

*Jericho says Linus is on the list because he doesn’t like the kid with a security blanket. Jericho also says so many people try to keep Owens down, including Michael Hayes.

*Owens references when he predicted being Champion of the Universe three years before being signed. He says that Roman can’t beat him, they both agree Reigns uses too much conditioner. Owens also says “Hi AJ” in reference to WWE Champion AJ Styles.

*Owens starts getting questioned for having Jericho help him. When they ask Jericho his opinion he just points at people in the hallway and puts them on the list.

*Booker keeps ripping on Owens for having Jericho help him. Owens doesn’t want Renee to come back to the show and Jericho calls her Renee Pumpkins. Owens and Jericho call themselves Universal champion. They leave and stand in the camera shot for a bit.

Sheamus and Cesaro show up yelling and arguing while Booker and Renee just stare at them. So the show just ends.

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