Today I Learned… WWE NXT 10/26/2016

Today I Learned… WWE NXT 10/26/2016

Hi there, Jake here! NXT is wrapping up the first round of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic on this episode. The tournament seems to be finishing up at Takeover in Toronto. Something else that takes place in Toronto is Asuka vs. Mickie James. The match has been announced but nothing has really built it up yet, maybe that will happen on this show!

Today I Learned… NXT Episode 360 October 26th, 2016


#DIY vs. HoHo Lun and Tian Bing

*Tian Bing hasn’t been on NXT yet, he is the new recruit from China.

*HoHo and Tian’s theme song is like Dynasty Warriors did it.

*Corey Graves says HoHo has brothers named “Snowball, Zinger and Cupcake” I laughed at the Hostess references

*Tian is showing his progress with multiple stiff strikes on Gargano that had Graves pop a bit.

*It’s nice to hear the crowd not be so snarky and only really make noises when they respond to the action in the ring.

*Bing wasn’t in the ring for long but he was mainly on offense. HoHo took the brunt of the punishment and got hit with #DIY’s finisher.

*Hideo Itami is injured so, Kota Ibushi is now teaming with TJ Perkins. Kota can’t speak English and can do a more realistic promo than Perkins. TJ didn’t have his Cruiserweight Title with him while cutting the promo, but he did ask Kota what Kota’s overall rating was… Ibushi said 99.

*Samoa Joe spoke about his campaign of psychological warfare against Shinsuke Nakamura. Joe says that Nakamura is a scared champion.

Aliyah vs. Billie Kay w/Peyton Royce

*Aliyah has this weird hip-hop type theme song that is full of obscure noises. Billie Kay still has a Prince of Persia type theme song with some female opera type vocals. It’s nice to hear diversity.

*Aliyah hit a basement blockbuster which looks like it hurts Aliyah’s back more than anything. There isn’t much to say in this match

*Corey didn’t say much, there was a good amount of time that Tom was talking to himself.

*Liv Morgan ran down to the ring and went after Peyton, that distracted Billie enough for Aliyah to get a roll-up pin.

*Liv jumped into the ring and the crowd lit up over Morgan taking Billie Kay down. Aliyah came in for the save but the girls from Down Under laid waste to Morgan and Aliyah. The crowd was into it the whole time.

Tye Dillinger vs. Noah Potjes

*Noah has a lay around his neck and a smile that only The Rock could match. Tom Phillips called Potjes a creep.

*The commentators talk about the problems between Tye and Bobby Roode for the majority of the first part of the match.

*As Tye impresses with new ways to put on a wristlock, Noah impresses with his outlandish facial expressions.

*The 10 count is harder to pull off when the crowd chants “10” on every strike.

*Dillinger’s finisher that is a fireman’s carry neckbreaker is called The Tye Breaker

*Tye says all Bobby does is run in a aftermatch interview. Bobby ran right into Dillinger and beat the crap out of him.

*Roode hits his finisher.. The Implant DDT on the ramp and agreed to a match at Takeover in Toronto against Tye.

TM-61 cut a promo on facing Austin Aries and Roddy Strong.. They said that AA and Strong are a great team, but they are also a great team. Thorne says “we think with one mind and fight wit hone fist.” Then Shane did a trust fall into Nick as they finished promo saying “The mighty don’t kneel”

Thea Trinidad vs. Asuka

*Thea came out to music that sounded like SWV did it.

*Asuka has now been in NXT for a year and is still undefeated.

*Asuka does a sexy dance and Thea screams “Ah HELL NAW” and then Asuka took he down.

*Trinidad was throwing strikes and Asuka started smiling and dancing. Then Thea hit a HUGE strike and Asuka started nodding going “OH YEAH!”. She is looking for a fight.

*Asuka transitioned an ankle lock into a German suplex and rolled through into a Fujiwara armbar for the win.. WOW.

*Regal said he scoured the world to find an opponent. The crowd lit up when they saw Mickie.

*Asuka licked her lips and kept nodding, she looked excited as all hell. Tom says “Asuka has been starving for competition for a year.”

Authors of Pain have Paul Ellering talk for them. Paul says he has a plan and strategy that AoP will execute against No Way Jose and Rich Swann. Then does the “Tell em” thing that Road Warriors used to do, except the AoP doesn’t speak English.

Mustafa Ali and Lince Dorado vs. TJ Perkins and Kota Ibushi

*I wonder if anyone thinks these two teams will even make it to the finals.

*Knowing how lame TJ Perkins sounds when he talks, makes seeing that dab he does at the top of the ramp even more facepalmable.

*Perkins doesn’t bring the title with him either.

*TJ applied his finishing submission the kneebar and Mustafa got to the ropes. It says something about the quality of your finisher when a low level NXT guy doesn’t tap to it.

*TJ is beating the heat beat down that leads to Kota’s hot tag. He is the Cruiserweight champion and is getting worked over from here to Timbuktu.

*Ibushi tags in and hits kicks to his opponents chest that sound like he is slapping his leg when he isn’t. Lince delivered it as hard as he got it.

*Kota had the match won and tagged TJ in who had his pin attempt broken up.

*TJP’s wrecking ball dropkick looks like he slams himself on the apron. We are taught that moves done on the apron hurt the worst because it is the hardest part of the ring. Then TJ willingly springboards himself in the air to flat back bump on the apron.

*TJ was able to get Ali to tap out to the kneebar, so scratch what I said earlier about not tapping out NXT lower card talent.


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