Today I Learned… WWE Talking Smack 10/25/2016

Today I Learned… WWE Talking Smack 10/25/2016

Hi there Jake here! We are Talking Smack tonight, this is a talk show type deal that happens after Smackdown! This Talking Smack looks at the 897th episode of Smackdown! Live.

Today I Learned… Talking Smack October 26th, 2016

Renee Young and Daniel Bryan start the show by talking about how Dean Ambrose has no more title shots against AJ Styles, James Ellsworth will be on the show and Nikki Bella is the leader of the female Smackdown! Live team.

Bryan says “as of now Nattie is off of the Survivor Series team”.

Young asks Bryan if they can celebrate Halloween on November 1st. Daniel said “absolutely not”. He then says “no one celebrates Halloween for a week.” (obviously he hasn’t been to MY hometown). Daniel asks Renee what she was going to be for the “Halloween Smackdown” she says she hadn’t decided but can make a snap decision. “Women can’t make quick decisions” says Daniel and then asks if that was sexist.

Bryan retracts the statement and said that he is not Donald Trump. Then the shows producers tell them to move on because Bryan said “Donald Trump”

Kane is the first guest on the show. Kane talks about how he was surprised about getting RKO’d by Randy Orton tonight. “I trusted him because he invited me into his beef with Bray Wyatt. The only people I have trusted are my brother and Daniel Bryan. Speculation on if Orton joined the Wyatt’s because Orton said “if you can’t beat them, join them” tonight. Kane said if Orton is a Wyatt now, the world is a much darker place.

Daniel Bryan talks about Hell in a Cel. “More is more? Is that the phrase?- What I want them to do is go 5 hours. Have six Hell in a Cell matches and the winner can be Champion of the Galaxy.”

Renee changes the topic to The Hype Bros and Renee asks “Where is Dirty Dan at?” in reference to last week on Talking Smack when Mojo nicknamed Daniel Bryan “Dirty Dan”.

Daniel and Renee say that they want The Ascension on next week. Bryan mentions that The Ascension always talks about The Wasteland. Bryan and Young banter about The Wasteland being environmentally friendly.

Smackdown Champions Heath Slater and Rhyno show up. Daniel tells Slater and Rhyno are automatically on the Survivor Series team as long as they are champions. If Spirit Squad would have won the titles they would have been in the match.

Renee asked who the hottest team on their heels are. Slater thought it was about looks and said Breezango, both Slater and Rhyno don’t understand the question and Young can’t get an answer out of either men regarding who should be number one contenders.

Slater brags about having a double wide trailer now and Rhyno let’s us know that Heath “has investments now”. Heath is bragging about having “stock” in Puerto Rico, $100 a piece from the Shining Stars. Daniel says that they are not even notarized. it’s just a sheet of paper with the Puerto Rican flag. Bryan taught Slater that “you can’t buy stock in a country.” Heath is upset that Bryan said that kids should take this a lesson to be educated. Slater mentions he went to college for criminal justice and he can “go C.S.I. on ya.”

Bryan asks Rhyno how the election is going. Rhyno says it is going great and he is knocking on doors.

Daniel Bryan says “Heath, you need money for pools and double wides.. You’ve been in WWE as long as I have.. What did you do with your money?” Heath retorts “you don’t want to know man..” and Rhyno adds “he’s got a lot of kids.” Young told Heath to turn it around and Slater said “I thought it was turning around.. I have to win, I lost $500 in bad investments.” Daniel asks if Slater and Rhyno could beat The New Day. Heath says yeah, The New Day are tough but they rotate three guys.

As Heath and Rhyno leave the conversation jumps to Nikki beating Nattie with an STF. Daniel points out how great Nikki is at performing the STF and she as evolved the move from the way John Cena does the move. That leads into talk about who will follow Nikki Bella as a team leader.

James Ellsworth shows up and is embarrassed. “Dean Ambrose has made me a household name.. For me to be so selfish and get him disqualified.. I don’t think I will ever be on Smackdown! Live again and I don’t deserve to be here.” Daniel tells James about the last time he wrestled on the indies was against Dean Ambrose. “He beat me bloody with no vendetta against me. Are you concerned at all- for your health and well being?” Ellsworth says whatever is coming to him, he deserves it. Bryan asks if James would even fight back. Ellsworth says there is too much going on in his head, he can’t think straight.

Ellsworth keeps putting over how important a shot at the WWE Championship is and because he ruined Ambrose’s chances at the prestigious titles. Ellsworth doesn’t think Ambrose will even be his friend anymore. He hasn’t seen Dean yet.

The show ends as Daniel and Renee try and explain to Ellsworth that people make mistakes.

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