Today I Learned… WWE Talking Smack 11/1/2016

Today I Learned… WWE Talking Smack 11/1/2016

Hi there, Jake here! Fresh off of another Smackdown! Live we have Talking Smack 898. It is not the 898th episode of Talking Smack but it is the 898th episode of Smackdown, so that’s why that number is there. This show was advertised on Smackdown! Live, and they said Dean Ambrose and American Alpha will be on the show.

Today I Learned… Talking Smack 11/1/2016

*Renee Young and Daniel Bryan both said that James Ellsworth is ‘unadulterated happiness’

*Daniel Bryan starts off by saying that Renee Young is “in the doghouse.” Bryan said that ‘Raw Talk’ is a ripoff of Talking Smack. Daniel tells Renee to say “screw you Vince, I am Smackdown! Live”

*Bryan says Ellsworth will be reprimended. He was told not to be in the match.

Nattie showed up and started talking without a mic.

*She started talking and Young told her to pick up a mic. Then Nattie gave a shirt to Daniel Bryan of her cat 2paws because Bryan let Nattie be a coach for the Woman’s team for Survivor Series. She will not compete in the match, she will be a coach.

*Renee called Naomi “Trin” because her real name is Trinity. Daniel Bryan caught it but didn’t say anything, you could tell by how he looked at Young.

*Nattie tells Carmella to eat some protein, says she needs to be “built in the front, stacked in the back”

*Nattie said about her team “I am turning kittens into lionesses”

Shane McMahon shows up to kick Nattie off the show as Renee Young was trying to end the interview.

*Shane says “December 4th, Dallas, Texas. We will have a TLC match between AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose at the TLC pay-per-view”

*Renee asks what made them think of the TLC match? Shane said they were brainstorming… No one mentioned that it was probably because the pay-per-view is named TLC.

*They talk about their confidence in their teams going into Survivor Series and Bryan keeps joking that Raw will probably pick some Attitude Era people. He says that Raw loves people from the Attitude Era.

American Alpha were invited on as Shane left the booth.

*American Alpha and Bryan point out that they are wearing blue shirts and Renee is wearing red.

*Alpha says they want to be the ones to carry the Survivor Series team because they believe they are the best team.

*Jason Jordan asks if Renee spies on Smackdown for Raw because she keeps asking questions about what Smackdown is doing.

*Daniel Bryan points out that The New Day made fun of every Smackdown! team except for American Alpha. AA thinks it’s just because New Day are a bunch off good guys.

*Chad Gable said “the funniest guys on any amateur wrestling team I was ever on. Loved hanging out with them and loved being around them, but I didn’t want to depend on them because.. they weren’t any good.”

*Jason Jordan says “(The New Day) they are the ones at the top and there is a big gap between the rest of them.”

*Bryan jokes that Raw will pick Attitude Era teams. He is ignoring the fact that they had The Headbangers were on Smackdown! Live tonight.

*Jason Jordan on The Uso’s being on their Survivor Series team “I’d rather have the people that are cheating on our team.”

*Jordan says Raw can’t compete because they don’t have any teams. Daniel said Enzo and Cass and Jordan said “we are talking about wrestling.”

As American Alpha leaves Renee asks Daniel about his animosity with The Miz. “I didn’t goad him, he goaded me.”

*Bryan says he considered having The Miz on the Survivor Series team and that Miz and Ziggler should have main evented No Mercy.

Dean Ambrose comes on and Renee asks for at least a handshake. Dean doesn’t oblige.

*Ambrose starts singing “Smackdown! The theme for Smackdown” and Bryan joins along for a bit.

*Young tells Dean about the upcoming TLC match. Dean “you mean like climb the ladder and pull it down kind of thing?” Daniel says “I think so.”

*”I don’t like falling off ladders though.” He says he doesn’t remember why he originally was mad at AJ. “We are like Peter Griffin and the Chicken.”

*Dean throws out the idea for an Ultra Ironman Match. 120 minutes, most falls in 2 hours. Daniel says “whoa, that is an entire episode of Smackdown! That is a great idea.” Dean looks at Bryan and says “I challenged John Cena to that match and he said absolutely not because he doesn’t train enough.”

*Ambrose says he is a great teammate when talking about Survivor Series. He says “unless you piss me off.”

*Dean asks if it is a sporting thing or is it a turf war thing. The match between Raw and Smackdown. Dean says he could bring some people that have tire irons and blow torches. Ambrose clarifies if they should let the opponents make it to Survivor Series.

*Topic shifts to James Ellsworth and Dean asks where Ellsworth came from. Daniel Bryan thinks he is a “reptillian” because People of Earth.

*Ambrose says he accepts Ellsworth’s apology.

*Bryan brings up when Dean Ambrose challenged Daniel Bryan and bloodied him up in Dragon Gate USA.

*Ambrose said if he didn’t win tonight, things might be different. “I may have had to chase him down, and rip his arms off. Beat him down with his arms, his flimsy little arms, two at the same time. Just beating a man with his own arms, could you imagine? Do you understand the dedication it takes to rip a man’s arms off. It takes a long time.” Daniel Bryan said “Mark Henry told me he once ripped a man’s arms off.”

*”I am going to have to push AJ Styles to a place that he absolutely does not want to go.” Says Dean to close out his time on Talking Smack.

The show ends with Ambrose and Bryan singing the Smackdown theme song they made up.

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