Trevor Murdoch on What Chris Benoit Did Before WWE Shows, Not Really Using Chew, More

Trevor Murdoch on What Chris Benoit Did Before WWE Shows, Not Really Using Chew, More

Hi there, Jake here! Another edition of the Podcast Recap here at Daily Wrestling News. Colt has been doing a podcast for over six years now. He has a big library and more which is here.

Art of Wrestling w/ Trevor Murdoch

Before the show starts, Colt brings up the new wrestling school in Minnesota that is looking to be one of the premier schools in the mid-west.

The beginning of the interview starts with Trevor talking about he has never wrestled with a dip of chew in. He had to kayfabe the roster and the fans by acting like he had a chew in his mouth.

They jump into high school talk, Murdoch graduated in ’96 and Cabana graduated in ’98. They commented on how they used to be able to smoke and leave their respective schools for lunch. Trevor says that the ‘open lunch’ was nixed after too many people used that time to fight.

The talk turns into Trevor having 9 brothers and sisters, growing up poor but not really knowing it. It was kind of a Brady Bunch scenario where the mom and dad had kids they brought into the family. Trevor said back then you could raise 10 kids on that income, today, with the same income, you couldn’t raise 2 kids. Trevor mentions that he respects his father for how hard he worked to provide for the kids.

Murdoch said that his older brother would wake him up Saturday mornings to watch WCCW. He mentions some of his favorites at the time like ‘Ice Man’ King Parsons and Chris Adams. The reason Trevor wanted to get into wrestling was because he couldn’t find anything else that connects with people better than pro wrestling.

Trevor says wrestling was a constant for him. His parents got a divorce, his dad died when Murdoch was 11, he said he was an angry kid and thought the world owed him something. He liked being liked and having friends and when he needed to feel loved or at peace in a foster home, wrestling was the only thing that was comfortable.

Then they talk about Trevor training for Harley Race. Harley said he would push guys who were in the gym everyday. Colt says he remembers reading WOW wrestling magazine and Trevor was listed in the magazine. Trevor first tried to be in the Marines but because his foster parents put him in a psych ward type facility, The Marines would not accept Trevor.

After some soul searching Trevor met up with his brother who was a wrestler, Trevor worked security at the show. He ended up getting his start when a wrestler didn’t show up. Trevor had a camouflage mask and wrestled as the Deer Hunter against his brother. Both Colt and Trevor agree that wearing a mask at first is great because you can do whatever you’d like and not have to worry about the criticism of fans.

He said after one show where they wrestled three matches on the show, him and his brother had to split $14.76. They only made it home based off of the pennies Trevor had in his truck. He almost quit wrestling, but luckily he was hooked up with Harley Race quickly after.

Harley set Trevor up to wrestle Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine and Valentine kicked the crap out of Trevor. Trevor says he wants someone to question the reality of wrestling, if he does that, he feels like he did his job. Murdoch said he would get a job and say that he needs a few days off for wrestling, if the job wasn’t congruent with his wrestling schedule, he would quit and get a new job. He said he suffered for three months, making $4.50 an hour and training in a boxing ring.

Trevor said the goal was always to get to WWE and Harley would set up try-outs. Colt brings up the fact that in the early 2000’s WWE was very body-centric, there were a lot of steroids and big men. Trevor said he believed that the best wrestler rises to the top. Murdoch brings up the fact that he would be an extra for WWE and just hang out in the hallways and try not to be in the way. Trevor said every time he would go up there his hopes would get smaller and smaller.

Trevor said that made him set his sights on Japan because if he was a good worker, he could get over, even being a tub of goo. He has never been a gym guy, it never was him. He could never get blown up, he would always have strength.

Trevor said he was never a heel before WWE and when they told him to be a heel he freaked out and called Race. Harley said “Trevor do you know what you want the heel to do to you in a match?” Trevor said “yeah.” Race replied “just do that.”

Murdoch tells us that Chris Benoit would do 500 squats before every show. Trevor was able to do some Japanese stretches and it got Benoit’s attention. Chris got Trevor a match on the card that night and Murdoch worked Rob Conway. After his first dark match, the next day he wrestled on Smackdown. His name was Trevor Rhodes but changed it to Murdoch because Dusty Rhodes had heat with McMahon at the time.

Trevor was supposed to be in OVW but before he went to developmental he was called up to tag with Lance Cade. Lance was forced to pick between Kevin Thorne or Trevor Murdoch. Lance picked Trevor. Trevor says in hindsight he wished he could have went to developmental. He hadn’t learned what he thought he needed to learn.

Trevor said on his days off from the road with WWE, he would go to Race’s school to show the students that life in WWE is attainable. He would only see his wife, maybe two hours a week. Trevor said there isn’t many credible trainers and hopefully he can do that or someone can do that.

Trevor says that “you got to have a set of balls in this business.” Murdoch says a lot of his toughness came from learning from Harley Race. Trevor says he had a lot of heat with Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. It’s mainly because they were trying so hard to get to the main roster and Trevor worked only four weeks before he became tag team champion.

While in Japan Trevor said he did 500 squats and 300 pushups a day. After doing that for six months he got the call for WWE. He mentioned that he has a school where he trains people and he knew when he got hired that there is a timeline in WWE. “No one stays there long, except your Undertakers and John Cenas.” Trevor said he questioned what he was doing after his release, going from 18,000 people in an arena to wrestling in a parking lot of a bowling alley. After he realized that he could have fun again, he kept it in his life.

If you would like to train under Trevor Murdoch, his school is KC Pro Wrestling Training Center.

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