Triple H and Stephanie McMahon Working on Big WWE Plans

Posted by Eric Arrington October 19, 2016 7 Comments 5878 views

For the most part, internal reaction to the recent WWE Cruiserweight Classic has been positive but now Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are said to be really focused on putting on another tournament in January or February 2017.

The working title for the tournament is the World Women’s Classic. WWE’s interest in an all-women’s tournament was first reported on earlier this year but now that the CWC is over, plans are moving ahead.

However, there’s a feeling that a third women’s show may be a bit overkill now that they have two women’s divisions – one for RAW and one for SmackDown. When plans for the WWC were first discussed, WWE had not decided on the brand split yet. Officials are reportedly working on ways to really make the WWC feel important, ways to highlight a solid purpose for the tournament and what the winner will receive.

  • Tyler Martin

    They could give the winner a title shot against the champion and show of her choice and the other contenders that sign can be split between the shows

    • Fenix Alexander

      That, or the winner gets a roster spot to go to the show “of their choosing.” Maybe the remaining semi-finalists get a spot on NXT?

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  • Emmataining_DJ

    So as per the handling of the women wrestlers even after claiming there was a revolution blah blah blah… they are worried of over exposer…? Lol. The main thing I’ve gotten is Charlotte. Who will probably win title back since it is a ppv and in ppv she undefeated and it Sasha’s hometown… they treat them the same way they always have just like “cruiserweights” and the way they’ve treated tag titles and US title since the pg era. Heavyweight titles and IC title is all vince cares about. There is enough top female talent in wrestling nowdays to have a all womens program yet I get the same bs in wwe. There should be a Womens tag title btw to. Also screw WWE for giving Emma yet another 4th character and for not showing her for 2 months now.

    • MrEddyG

      She’s been off tv because she was recovering sue from neck surgery or didn’t you hear about that? I will agree I don’t like the character change again, although the character she had before she was hurt wasn’ interesting to me.

      • Emmataining_DJ

        Yeah I kinda agree if you mean her and Dana. But did you see them in NXT and live before they brought up Dana? I wouldn’t have minded that pairing like NXT but even I don’t like Emma that way alone without her manager/partner Dana but after the ruining of Dana’s character I think it’s good if she isn’t with her… just worried another might confuse lots of people now… Also yeah I knew that but she did a post she removed about not being used atleast 3 weeks before I posted this I think plus the one she had left up on her twitter feed about not being used unless she removed it to and she will be another week or two which means it’d be well after 2 months before wrestling on RAW cause a appeareance like Hawkins don’t count.

  • SkoolKidKez

    I was hoping they comeback with the Light Heavyweight Championship Division and bring it exclusively to Smackdown. But I am curious what this womens tournament will be like on the network and the end result.