Triple H Blows Up at Ryback Backstage, Cena and Punk Speak Up

Posted by Eric Arrington July 24, 2013 13 Comments 5590 views

Backstage at RAW this week, Triple H reportedly “blew a gasket” on Ryback for his botched spot at the end of the match with Daniel Bryan where he was supposed to protect Bryan and catch him then put him through a table.

It was seen as “careless and reckless” that Ryback just let Bryan bump to the outside and didn’t know how to improvise after completely botching it. According to a source, Triple H got in Ryback’s face and was screaming “carelessness” at him.

This continues to hurt the stock of Ryback. Not only was Triple H upset with the spot but CM Punk and John Cena were vocal about it as well. Cena is someone that rarely calls out others, so when he does, people listen.

  • jcice13

    why be shocked with ryebread for not being able to wrestle? and yeah, cena only talks to vince behind their backs and tries to get them fired

    • Adam

      That’s Orton, not Cena.

      • silksoul

        No Cena has gotten people fired and buried. Michael Tarver, Alex Riley, Tyler Reks to name a few. Cena tried to get Orton fired. That last situation with Orton is the only one with Orton you’ve ever heard of, go research how many Cena has gotten fired and buried. He’s the modern day Triple H.

        • Adam

          What about Ken Anderson? What about Kofi’s push being forcibly ended and never starting up even a few years later? What about mic’s picking up Orton shouting “Stupid, stupid” on Live RAW? That’s all I can think of off the top of my head, but not including all the times he’s been angry with even polite fans.

          • silksoul

            Thank you Adam, my point exactly.

        • cubs88

          riley is still with the company.

          • silksoul

            Yes Riley is still with the company but what has he been doing lately? He was being pushed hard, then it stopped because of his confrontation with Cena. Notice I said Cena got people fired and buried, so Riley falls under the “buried” category.

  • Cena only spoke up because Bryan is one of his closest friends and by the looks of things, maybe his future brother in law….so of course he’ll look out for him…and Triple H looks at DB as the future of the company and long reigning champion, and CM Punk and Bryan have been friends from the indy days.

    • Adam

      Remember when WWE fired Bryan during the Nexus storyline? Cena was very public in his criticism of that stupid decision. Cena is never afraid to speak out, although it helps knowing WWE will never fire him for it, just as they never fired Undertaker for taking a stand.

      • LoganSR71

        When I was a youngin’ I heard that Taker blew up at Vince for the Montreal Screwjob. Don’t blame him but threatening to break down your bosses door AND quit if he didn’t come out of his office…..that’s power. Much respect to Taker

  • Jesus Condom

    Was it the spot where Ryback gave Bryan a powerbomb on the outside?
    Anyway.. If Triple H blew up over this he should sure as hell be angry
    at Del Rio who constantly injuries people or Sheamus who
    gave a legit punch into Christian´s mouth at MITB.

  • Chris Ruskin

    When it comes to cm punk reprimanding ryback all I have to say is remember cm punk hit a pile driver on Cena a much more risky move he shouldn’t be talking down to ryback


    ryback should blow up at wwe for dropping the ball on him.