WWE Having Diva Discussions, Backstage News on AJ Lee & Paige

Posted by Eric Arrington May 7, 2014 4 Comments 11204 views

WWE officials have been evaluating the main roster Divas division as of late. One of the goals with AJ Lee being out is to see what they have with the talent that have been given limited opportunities.

While some Divas continue to improve, the results of the evaluation have been said to be poor so far. This has made AJ’s stock in the company go up. She’s expected to keep her spot as a top star when she returns.

Going into this week’s tapings, it was said that there’s starting to be some concern about how fans aren’t accepting Paige as the top WWE women’s star. Word is that those concerns also include a lack of reaction at live events, with one observer reporting she isn’t engaging the crowd.

At the same time, the Divas division in NXT continues to impress officials and there has been a lot of talk about upcoming call ups.

  • M. Walsh

    Has no one in WWE considered a possible reason for this is Paige has been given no storyline or proper feud yet? She hasn’t even been given a chance to speak since her debut on the main roster?
    You can’t just keep throwing her in nothing matched against Alicia Fox and Aksana over and over again.
    Besides, pretty much everyone with any interest in the women’s division is waiting to see a Paige/AJ feud anyway.

    This shit’s chess, not checkers.

  • Rob

    The WWE hasn’t given Paige a chance to prove herself yet. She gets a decent enough pop when she comes out. But how do they expect fans to get into her if they have no story lines for her. Give her a story and a mic and a feud and then see how it goes. But Paige is light years ahead of most of the main roster divas when it comes to ring work. Or if they want to make her impress people then give her a match with Emma on Raw or a PPV. Almost everytime those two have a match its great and always a little different

  • Rob

    Also I hope this means we will get others brought up soon like Sasha Banks, Charolette and personally my favorite diva in the WWE altogether Bayley

  • Rob

    Or they could also hire some of indy girls like Taeler Hendrix, Mia Yim, Leva Bates, Cheerleader Melissa, and others(that is if those women want to go to the WWE. Some are happy just working indies)