WWE Main Event Spoilers – 4/24/13

WWE Main Event Spoilers – 4/24/13

WWE will tape WWE Main Event from the O2 Arena in London, England. Here are the full results.

* A WrestleMania recap was shown.

* Michael Cole and JBL make their way out.

WWE Main Event

* JBL introduces Mark Henry at the start of WWE Main Event. Henry’s talks about his rivalry with Sheamus. JBL talks Henry into agreeing into a 4 vs 1 gauntlet match. Sexual Chocolate chant breaks out.

* Mark Henry quickly defeats one of the USOs, and the second one comes in. Henry defeats the other USO as well. Santino Marella comes out now to face the World’s Strongest Man. Henry pins Santion after connecting with the World’s Largest Slam. The Great Khali is out next, accompanied by Natalya and Hornswoggle. Khali wins the match by count out.

* Video recap from Monday’s Raw between Paul Heyman and Triple H.

* Promo footage for Extreme Rules.

* In-ring segment with Matt Striker, Zeb Colter, and Jack Swagger. This concludes the Main Event tapings.

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