WWE Ready to “Raid” ROH, Who Is #1 on WWE’s List?, More Backstage News

WWE Ready to “Raid” ROH, Who Is #1 on WWE’s List?, More Backstage News

We can confirm that WWE officials are planning on “raiding” Ring of Honor in early 2017 as many ROH contracts are set to expire on December 31st.

Money talks and WWE is hoping that an increase in pay will attract a few key talents and convince them to jump ship. WWE realizes that ROH is going to have offer serious money if they want to keep certain wrestlers around, which they’ve already been forced to do over the past few years. At the same time, WWE is wary about upping the pay-scale for WWE NXT too much.

Top tag team The Young Bucks are said to be #1 on WWE’s list right now.

It’s been reported how WWE has signed Steve Corino to work as a trainer at the WWE Performance Center once his deal with ROH is up next month. There’s hope that Corino coming into the company will also help attract some of the other ROH talents. The bottom line is that ROH will not be able to re-sign every talent and word is that they did not try to match WWE’s offer to Corino as they felt they could save the money for one of the other contracts that come up next month.

As expected, Triple H is the driving force behind the talent acquisitions as he feels they need to continue replenishing the NXT roster, especially for expansion in 2017.

December and January should be a very interesting time for many ROH talents.

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